The Rules of Life To Live Well

Now and then you will casually Google yourself, or worse, self diagnose yourself with an illness. Stop. It will drive you crazy and it’s creepy to stalk yourself. Self diagnosis can lead to misdiagnosis, under diagnosis, or over diagnosis. The temptation for people to reach their own conclusions about their illness is strong.

Have you ever lost sleep over self diagnosis? You might think you’re saving your life by searching the web for answers—but you could be wrecking it. Stress is a silent killer and fear is even stronger.

My father was such an amazing healer, he had a new patient that came in with a medical condition with a name was so long, he looked at me and then the patient. My father went to the patient and used the Kwan Loong Oil and started to massage the neck and shoulders. Not long after the patient started to cry and showed my father with her hands that the illness was this new diagnosis of migraine. The cry was the relief of pain the touch was a feeling of healing. I don’t care about the illness and all I want is to heal. One day of pain I can handle, two day of pain I need to think about, three day of pain I don’t want it. Painkillers only mask the pain as the cause gets worse and in return the pain killer is creating even more damage to the liver.

The rule of life: Sleep well, eat well and poop and pee well. So if you don’t eat well, you won’t sleep well or poop and pee well. If you don’t poop and pee well, then you don’t sleep or eat well. This is the life cycle of good health, with the exception of trauma, drama and seasonal changes.

In the world that we live in today, we not only Google ourselves and assume that our body is lacking a nutrient. As my patients come in, their list of supplement are so long, they wonder why they are so bloated, constipated and so sick. We have been given a bad teaching: The more I take of supplements the healthier I am. The fact is your body has to be able to process the supplement, as it can be more harm then good. Excessive is not necessary suitable for every body. Start by eating well and cleanse the garbage out. Too much is poison.

I try my best not to offend or pretend to know everything. I can only advise and do my best in what I know. I like the way I am, I don’t care what the patients think or I can’t do what I do. I am here to re-educate the patients to bring life and health back to balance. Knowledge is a gift and it can be a curse.

With Love,

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