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Your Intestines Are A Major Detox Organ

We are on the final month of the five major detoxification organs: Liver, Kidney, Lungs, Skin and Intestines. The intestines are vital organs in the gastrointestinal tract of our digestive system. Their functions are to digest food and enable the nutrient released from that food to enter into the bloodstream. Our intestines consist of two major sections: the small intestine and the large intestine.

My busiest time for treating the intestines is when most people celebrate with all the barbecue meats, beers, pops, tons of fruits and massive weight gain or fatigue. It’s time to clean out yeast and detox the five major organs. You are what you eat, what goes in must come out.

>p? All I care about is your poop and pee. It is a pound of poop a day or base it on your body weight of every 12 pounds is one ounce of poop, if you weigh 160 pounds you need 1 pound. Start by eating fiber such as: green vegetables (4 cups cooked) and low fructose fruits of (2 cups), Haiga Rice or whole grains. Please note to not add too much fiber too quickly, it can promote intestinal gas, abdominal bloating and cramping. Increase fiber in your diet gradually over a period of a few weeks. This allows the natural bacteria in your digestive system to adjust to the change. Also, drink plenty of clean water. Fiber works best when it absorbs water, making your stool soft and bulky. If your tongue is really coated white especially in the mid to back of the tongue, it’s Candida. You must take the Taifu Plus and E15 (extra strength detox) to help clear it out of your system.

Digestive problems are known as a Pixu condition. Food allergies may develop when food is not digested properly and causes fermentation activated by yeast in the bowel. This process further increases the amount yeast in the digestive tract. The increase level of yeast causes the increased permeability of the wall of the intestine (leaky gut syndrome). The yeast then enters the blood stream and settles in the different parts of the body, including the lungs, the vagina, the kidneys, and the brain, and other organs. This can cause problems such as yeast infection of the vagina (candidiasis); allergy, sinus infections, asthma, meningitis, and chronic fatigue are common examples.

Eating food high in sugar or food turning into blood sugar rapidly enhances this problem. Food high in sugar causes fermentation, resulting in an increase of yeast population in the digestive tract. It causes the blood sugar to rise initially and drop rapidly to under the normal healthy level. The drop of blood sugar causes the production of serotonin to go down and causes depression or mania. The decrease of serotonin causes the production of histamine, asthma and headaches.

Eating too much sugar at one time causes the immune system to be weakened and increases the chance to get polio. It’s a cause and effect, a vicious cycle. To cut the habit, say no to sugar, salt, oils (deep fry) and fats. Take the Taifu Plus with the Pu-erh Tea to aid digestion and if you need to consume alcohol start by taking Tie Guan Yin Tea (hangover tea) with the Taifu Plus and E15 Pills. It has to be moderation and only once in a while.

In Chinese culture family is most important. Well known part of our culture is an ethnic of hard work, discipline and excellence. If you want to live for a long time, all you really have to do is change your lifestyle a bit – it’s all a choice. Take a moment and review these few months of teachings of the Five Major detoxification, make a shift and increase your life expectancy by 5-10 (good) years. Enjoy life and keep on living. You are my family.

Love, Juli

What Else Could Get Rid of a Cold In 3 Days?

Have you been feeling sick beyond belief? Who has time to sit and be miserable with the cold and flu? Seeing that we will be experiencing another three weeks of more freezing cold winter weather, it is a great idea to help prepare yourself with a remedy that can kick that nasty cold and make you feel better in less than three days.

Our tea regimen is guaranteed to help clear a sore throat, ease that stuffy nose feeling, relieve headaches from sinus congestion, and hydrate your body when you are experiencing a fever.
Gum Wall Tea and Lok Wo Cha are the perfect combination of herbs to help with the cold and flu symptoms and leave you feeling so much better.

Follow these instructions to help create this perfect cold fighting tea!

1. Pour 3 cups of water into a small saucepan and bring to a boil and add 1 box of the Gum Wall Tea and 1 box of the Lok Wo Cha

2. Cook on low-medium heat for 15 minutes with the lid on (very crucial part, this makes a difference on how the tea will taste…I know from experience so trust me on this.)

3. After 15 minutes just let the tea steep for an extra 5 minutes

4. Strain into 2 separate cups; drink 1 cup in the morning and 1 cup at night.
5. Add 1 slice of fresh
ginger root if you are feeling any nausea or fever for good measure.

Repeat these steps for 3 days and watch as you start to feel better! Seriously it is so simple and you’ll be glad your tried it.

Stay warm, eat light, and take good care of yourself!

What To Eat When It’s Cold Outside

The holidays are the most joyous times of the year. Get into the holiday spirit in a big way and round up family and friends to go to events and be very active. Spend time in creating healthy foods like simple vegetable dishes, cultural foods that your grandparents made, make it memorable. Often the holiday seasons brings stress, emotional turmoil, rich foods, and late nights. All of these can affect your health and well-being. Let’s make a good change.

In the cold winter months, people desire to eat more food. This increases gastric acid and poses a threat to the gastric mucosa. Chronic stomach problems like ulcers and even stomach bleeding. The rule of thumb is to only eat 70% full and no later than 6pm. Give your stomach at least 3-4 hours to digest before bedtime. Generally, the digestive system enters an active stage in winter and that’s why dietary reinforcements are usually more effective than in other seasons, stomach problems also often occur due to cold air, eating unsafe foods like hot pots, and stimulating spicy foods.

Also, cold food should be avoided to reduce stimulation of gastric fluids, especially at breakfast. As most of the organs are still in a state of sleep, eating cold foods may result in contraction and poor blood circulation in the digestive system, leading to indigestion. There goes your cup of orange juice in the morning!

Warm or relatively hot foods, however, can help stimulate blood circulation and wake up the organs. Wearing a belly belt, or covering the stomach, can also help protect the stomach from the cold. Warming fruit with hot water, or briefly boiling it, before eating is a good alternative if you must eat it. Generally, the antioxidant like polyphenol in fruit won’t be damaged at 100 degrees Celsius. Boiled fruits will effectively nourish organs, move bowels and promote digestion, as well as reduce possible stimulation in the stomach.

And since immunity decreases with cold temperatures, we should also be aware of infectious digestive ailments with typical symptoms like diarrhea and vomiting. Uncooked foods are the first group recommended to be crossed off the menu.

As for patients with chronic stomach problems like inflammation or ulcers, it is essential to quit smoking, drinking and eating other stimulating foods as well as avoid bad moods and fatigue. It is also advised to take precautionary herbs to stop relapses of stomach problems.

Stay hydrated. Water helps your body cleanse toxins and fight germs. With furnaces blasting, lots of party foods, and alcohol, your personal water table needs all the help it can get. Remember, caffinated beverages and alcoholic drinks actually take water out of your system.

If you stay cautious of what you eat and how you prepare foods, learn to read ingredients, you will have much better intestinal health. You are what you eat. Eat wisely and drink smart.

Enjoy this holiday with good health,

What is a Tea Prescription?

Juli at Hen Sen Herbs prepares a "Tea Prescription" by measuring herbs.

There are several main herbs used in Traditional Chinese medicine. These key herbs help in different ways depending on their combinations with other herbs. There are hundreds of different herbs for creating a prescription.

An experienced Chinese Herbalist treats each patient as an individual. After discussing a patient’s health, the Chinese herbalist looks at the tongue. It will indicate which area in the body is out of balance. Then, the herbalist will create a prescription using specific herbs. The patient can then take the “tea prescription” home, brew it and drink according to the herbalist’s directions. Usually this is a tea that will be drunk once a day for 6 days.

Hundreds of herbs, but an experienced herbalist can identify which are right for you.

When you first see your Tea Prescription, it looks just like a bunch of dried herbs and roots. After you’ve boiled it in water and strained the tea out, it may look like something from a Compost pile! Thankfully it is not.

The herbs used are chosen with quality
and ancient wisdom in mind.

The flavor of the Tea Prescription can vary widely from ]slightly sweet to very bitter. Some people say it tastes like dirt, while others say it tastes good. The tea prescription is brewed in batches, and with each batch, the potency of flavor is diminished.

A "Tea Prescription" brewing!


The medicinal benefits of a Tea Prescription can be seen as soon as the next day or as late as the next few weeks.

It’s truly amazing what tea can do to help your health!

To consult with Hen Sen about Tea Prescriptions or to visit the online store and view herbs, visit www.hensenherbs.com