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Just When You Thought You Had Enough

Let me start off with a question I feel like everyone has experienced at least once in their lives and that is, Have you ever had so many unfortunate things happen all at ounce? Did you feel overwhelmed or did you handle the situation with ease? Recently, my car blew its engine while my boyfriend and I were on the freeway. Luckily, we didn’t get into an accident and it was toward the end of the night when there wasn’t too many cars driving by. Sitting on the shoulder lane, rummaging through my car for my insurance card only to find that it was left at home, while calling a tow truck and learning that the tow truck driver will be an hour late. Not only that but the day before I had an unpleasant experience with the salad I had for lunch causing some light food poisoning, still feeling the lingering effects .

Sitting in my broken down car waiting I was stewing in my own anger. “How could this happen? What did I do wrong? Why do these things happen at the worse times possible?” The questions just kept rolling in my head encouraging my anger. Just when I was ready to explode, my comforting boyfriend hugged me and encouraged me to think of the possitives.

Usually, I tend to look at the cup half empty when situations like this occur. I thought “yeah right what’s so positive about this?” But, when I started to look at all the things that could have gone wrong I was so relieved. We started saying out loud all the things that could have happened to us and all of a sudden I could feel the heavy anger turning into a lighter load. I realized that I was alive first of all, and my boyfriend was alive too, and that is something to be really grateful for. We didn’t get into a massive accident, no intense injuries, no one else was hurt, the car wasn’t torn to pieces. This was probably the most mild car encounter I could have ever experienced! Then fate turned around when the tow truck driver arrived, he gave us a $10 discount for arriving late and we got home safely.

With this whole experience I learned that, it’s just another part of life. Things break down, unfortunate events can exhaust many emotions, and when it rains it pours. But with all the bad there is always good, Yin and Yang. My new outlook when things get me down is to do this. You take the situation(s) that are making you angry or sad and look at its potential worse possible state. Then, you look at all the wonderful things you have in your life right now. There will be obstacles in life that can be overcome, and hey life is short. Happiness is what you make it to be. Be thankful, be positive, and most of all be happy!

~With Love, Shaila

Changing with the season

Photo by Holli Margell - www.holliwithani.com

Fall is full of change. From the colors of the trees to the weather, many people’s lives are changing too. Perhaps you have children starting school, or are starting something new yourself. If not, the simple change of the season is enough to make some feel like a fresh start. The fall is almost like another start at the year. It’s a great time to revisit those New Year’s Resolutions and see your progress or find inspiration to start in on them again.

This fall, I am excited for the changes. I love soup, and wearing sweaters! This will be my first year knowing about some Traditional Chinese soups and how some of them help heal. I had never eaten anything other than the normal American Chicken Noodle or squash soups before. While I don’t wish to be sick any time soon, I feel equipped to know what I might need from Hen Sen Herbs and how to take care of my family. With two young kids in school, I expect to battle colds and the flu.

With all these changes often comes longer working days. I know we’ll be busier than we have this summer with school schedules, extra classes and work. It is so easy to become over scheduled. That’s one thing from the summer that is helpful to not forget: take time to relax and just be quiet. While the long sunny days are coming to a close, how can you take some time to be in nature or relax?

One thing Juli recommended once was to sit and drink tea alone early in the morning before the family woke up. At first, I thought she was crazy, because I didn’t want to get up any earlier than I needed. Then, I tried it, and got up just 15 minutes earlier than anyone else. Those 15 minutes flew by quickly! But, I felt better prepared for the day, because I had some time to sit and think before jumping into a busy schedule. And, when I’m not up too late the night before, I savor my alone time in the morning. If you’re not a morning person, then perhaps a few minutes alone before going to bed could give you the same sense of calm. I know others who take a walk during their lunch break from work. These quiet times are perfect for reflecting on your goals, the progress you’ve made or the changes you still need to make.

Some athletes practice a form of quiet reflection called “visualization” where they sit and imagine themselves wining. Others practice meditation to center the mind, and there even manifesting your future, which is like a combination of both methods (where you visualize achieving your goals). Whatever you want to call it, the first step to achieving any task or goal is to think about it and take one step toward it. Find something that works for you and your lifestyle. Remember to take care of yourself and enjoy the new season.


Holli Margell