Fall is here: take time to have fun!

Fall is a great time to explore nature - photo by www.holliwithani.com

September 5 is the official beginning of Autumn. Kids are back at school, the weather is colder, color changes in the leaves, another season has gone ended.

Take a moment to appreciate the changes, and how fast the kids grow Look back to those goals that we set in the beginning of the year. If by chance we haven’t quite started or have completed those goals, restart them.

Have you had any fun lately? My goal for you is to take at least 10 minutes or 30 minutes a day to just have fun. I have a saying: Other than work I have life and other than life I have work.

You either let life eat you up, or you take that time to experience something new. Since my husband is writing about our trip to the Private Island, which was amazing, I am only allowed to tell you a little of the story. So before the trip, I told every body, I mean everybody, about going to an Pirate Island. You see, I can’t pronounce Private, so all my kids thought we will going to an Pirate Island. Everyone was excited for me. We didn’t find golden treasure, but did find Sand Dollars. Since we returned from the overnight trip, I got so excited to tell everyone about my adventure! I was full of happy memories. Try something new, make an adventure and make it a goal to have fun.


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