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Surviving The Summer Heat To Keep Your Skin Young

Older generations pass on to us the wisdom they have learned throughout the years of their life. Since summer has started, I wanted to share some advice my grandma shared with me when I was young. How to keep youth and beauty:

Avoid The Sun

A suntan does not prevent skin damage— it is skin damage.

One of the most important tips that many Chinese women follow is avoiding the sun. This helps keep our skin from developing wrinkles and staying pale. Carrying around umbrellas, hats and wearing very thin jackets to make sure we aren’t exposed to the sun’s rays as much as possible. It’s well known that the sun’s rays (UVA and UVB) damage the skin and can cause wrinkles.

Keep It Natural With Herbal Medicines & Teas

Herbal medicine is a huge part of our lifestyle to stay healthy and increase immunity; likewise, tea is also a major aspect of our routines. In Hong Kong there are Herbal Medicine Tea shops, the teas are prepared in fountain dispensaries but since living in the states grandma would prepare the teas. Prunella Herbal tea has been well known as the heal all tea, it clears the liver heat, clears the acne. Even when summer is hot, teas are also served including the beneficial green tea which has antioxidant properties and stimulates one’s metabolism.

Eat More Fruits & Vegetables (& Less Meat)

Diet consisting of mostly fresh fruits and vegetables is a huge part of a Chinese woman’s life. The preparation of fresh vegetables are cooked with little to no oil or fats, and fruits that are in season as desserts. Grandma preferred to serve minimal amounts of spicy foods, as she says that the heat can cause pimples, and sugary foods to avoid gaining weight. Heat foods are chips and dried crackers, roasted nuts and seeds, once you start eating them, it is hard to stop.
The choice to eat less meat is more complex than simply keeping a figure. Meat is expensive in China, so many view it as a luxury than an everyday food.

Exercise Is Gentle, But Important

This may be an obvious healthy beauty tip, but for Chinese women, it is very important to keep active. Walking after meals to help digestion and stay fit or get massages.

Enjoy Spas and Massages

Everyone seems to get massages in China. People go together with friends, or even alone. Getting massages is not seen as a luxury, but as a way to stay healthy and young. Chinese believe that routine massages will ensure proper blood flow and keep them sturdy and fit. Every week I have a deep tissue massage and cupping session, it helps me flush out toxins from my body, so that my skin is clean and hydrated. Enjoying a massage, spa, or having your spouse (exchange program) can also lower one’s stress level, which can be a reason people may have bad health or troubled skin.

Start Young

Many of the techniques my grandma taught me to avoid the sun was also being taught to my children. Chinese begin to protect their children while they are young. This ensures that they will grow with healthy, undamaged skin instead of trying to fix it when they are older. It never hurts to think about how a child might benefit from these teachings.

Although my grandma is no longer with me, I still treasure all the great memories with all the care and love she has given me. The love is so deep that it makes me strong, and the need to pass on all that she has taught me to you.

Love, Juli

Surviving Mosquito Season

Seattle has definitely hit the record high for rainfall, the endless soggy weather for winter 2015-2016.

Spring is now upon us, trees are blooming, the grass is growing and so are those runny noses, swollen red eyes from allergies.

Allergies are miserable and frustrating. Pollen, aches and pain have arrived again and the scariest of all is the warm weather, which puts small creatures like the mosquito is back in action. Mosquitoes that hibernate need warm weather to become active, while mosquitoes that spend the winter as eggs need rainfall to flood the eggs and make them hatch.

Since Mosquitos loves me and my kids, those tiny bites are brutal. They itch like crazy, then turns into a big red inflamed patch. Takes days to clear up. Finally bouncing around the chair itching the bite I use Ultra Potent Ping On Ointment – an effective mosquito repellent and stops itching. Before you get out there, apply the Ping On Ointment so you won’t itch, it’s that season. I have noticed a lot of media about different virus that is from mosquito like dengue fever and Zika Virus.

Dengue fever is an acute infectious disease caused by a virus and transmitted by the yellow fever mosquito. It usually occurs in tropical or subtropical climates. Varies the Zika Virus spreads through mosquito bites.

Using traditional Chinese diagnostics and herb therapy, the results are better than using modern drug therapy (no specific therapy).

Let’s prevent all the itching and the virus transmission (that is why I recommend Ping On Ointment).

In Wellness,

The Year Of The Monkey

If you could see into the future, your health and well-being would be top of the list. What’s your Chinese Zodiac Sign? The 12 animal signs, representing the year of birth are the most commonly known aspect of Chinese astrology, but it’s just one small piece of the puzzle. Each sign is heavily influenced by one of the five elements: water, fire, metal, wood and earth.

On February 8th, we celebrate Chinese New Year and the year of the Monkey. The cheeky Monkey is considered to be witty and protective. Issues with the respiratory system and small intestine are most common with this metal sign.

Chinese New Year’s Day is an occasion for Chinese families to gather for the annual reunion dinner. It is also traditional for every family to thoroughly cleanse the house, in order to sweep away any ill-fortune and to make way for good incoming luck. Windows and doors will be decorated with red color paper cuts with popular themes of “good fortune” or “happiness”, “wealth”, and “longevity”. Other activities include lighting firecrackers and giving money in red paper envelopes.

Gong Hei Fat Choi roughly translated as “Congratulations and be prosperous, now give me a red envelope!” – in hopes of bringing luck. The red envelope almost always contains money, usually varying from a couple of dollars to several hundred. Children and teenagers jokingly use the phrase. Children are taught to be in their best behavior and as they approach adults and say,”Gong Hei Fat Choi” with a big smile they are given a red envelope. It is a important celebration.

Happy New Year!!!

Monkey see monkey do! For this New Year my focus is to give more directions from better eating habits, preventative herbal remedies, and most important is to create daily exercise routines that will bring greatness to our health and stronger immune system. My father has once said that to not under estimate our bodies ability to heal, we make our patients body strong therefore our body can fight off diseases and heal. The best herbalist is the ones that can prevent illnesses.

My patients are strong and we practice together, we will build a strong village and not only that, we will have good health, even for the younger ones.

Happy New Years, Juli

Constipation: Traditional Chinese Herbal Cure

Constipation is a common and often distressing problem. Constipation is a symptom with many causes. These causes are of two types: obstructed defecation and colonic slow transit. About 50% of patients evaluated for constipation at hospitals have obstructed defecation. This type of constipation has mechanical and functional causes. Causes of colonic slow transit constipation include diet, hormonal disorders such as hypothyroidism, side effects of medications, rarely heavy metal toxicity and those with kidney disease, heart problems, bowel obstructions or inflamed colons.

Women and people over age 65 are especially affected, about 42 million people at a time, or 15% of the population, have constipation. But it’s probably not news to most people that almost everyone suffers from it from time to time. Because constipation is a symptom, not a disease, effective treatment of constipation may require first determining the cause. Treatments include changes in dietary habits, laxatives, enemas, biofeedback, and in particular situations surgery may be required.

Let’s talk about Taifu Pills, the naturally occurring stimulant laxatives that are sufficiently safe and gentle for general use involve one basic category of chemical compounds, known as Anthraquinone. The Anthraquinones often occur in plants in the form of glycosides. These compounds are found in Rhubarb root (the prominent Chinese laxative), Senna leaf and pod (a Middle Eastern laxative), Cascara Sagrada (a North American laxative), Buckthorn (also known as Frangula; a European laxative), and Aloe (known worldwide). The use of laxatives to treat acute constipation has been mentioned throughout the literature of the world’s various herbal traditions. Acute constipation may occur as the result of a disease or a change of diet.  In the history of Chinese medicine, use of Rhubarb for acute constipation is firmly established in relation to the “yangming” phase of a disease; this is where the body fluids become dry as the result of a feverish condition; the intestines become dry, and the person suffers from constipation. Mirabilitum (Ingredient in E15 Pills) is often used along with rhubarb in the Chinese treatments for acute constipation. Emodin is the most widely occurring Anthraquinone in medicinal herbs. Valuable medicinal aspects of Emodin have been proclaimed on the basis of laboratory research, including: potential cancer prevention activity (blocking the growth of newly transformed cells); antiviral activity; antioxidant properties; gastric ulcer protection; liver protection; promoting blood circulation; inhibiting autoimmune attack; and benefiting the kidneys (inhibiting undesired proliferation of cells). Rhubarb root is a dominant herbal therapy in China for treatment of nephritis and prevention of renal failure.

Colonoscopy was developed as a routine diagnostic tool during the 1970s and it was soon found that many people had a black or dark brown intestinal wall; the condition was named Melanosis Coli.

A debate over the significance of Melanosis Coli in relation to Anthraquinone use soon arose, and it persists to this day. On the one side, many doctors have interpreted this condition as one of simple staining of the intestinal wall by Anthraquinone residues, and viewed it as a harmless and reversible condition. Other doctors have seen it as more than just staining, as possibly involving significant damage to the colon wall, and considered that it might be a precursor to more serious intestinal problems, such as colon cancer. The majority of articles written about Melanosis Coli indicate that the condition arises after years of frequent use of Anthraquinone laxatives and is not associated with harm. Our Herbal products are made with the respect geared towards prevention of illnesses and today my goal is to continue to educate my patients with the art of Chinese Traditional Healing. We at Hen Sen Herbs are referred as Healers and the Art of Healing is not lost.

Love, Juli

Finding A Healthy Balance During Seasonal Changes

For thousands of years, Chinese philosophy has held that good health is a result of five elements, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water, being in harmony. Getting in touch with the elements can help us find better balance, in our bodies and our lives, and help us feel more connected to the natural world.

Earth is unique among the five elements. Earth is linked to times of change throughout the year: those few weeks between seasons in which autumn changes to winter, winter to spring and spring to summer. The Earth element is associated with the spleen, pancreas and stomach, the organs of digestion and nutrition. The stomach receives the food you eat and starts to break it down. The spleen and pancreas then distribute the nutrients throughout the body. The pancreas also regulates your blood-sugar levels.

Also pay attention to how you eat, not just what you eat. Eating calmly and slowly and having reasonably sized portions will let your stomach and spleen work best. A good rule of thumb is eating until 70% full, and try not to snack before the main meal to avoid over eating. After eating, take some time to relax and move the body, because movement aids the digestion, assimilation and distribution of nutrients. Thanksgiving is in season, we should take time to make sure everything pure and necessary is used and maximized, and that anything unnecessary or wasteful is eliminated.

I also wanted to touch base with the change from Autumn (Metal) to Winter (Water). Autumn is associated with the Lung and the Large Intestine which both deal with purification and elimination. The lungs take in oxygen and expel carbon dioxide through breathing. The large intestine absorbs water and completes the absorption of nutrients, minerals and vitamins. It also holds and eliminates waste.

Eating vegetables and whole grains is necessary for our bodies year-round. Because they serve as cleansers for the intestines, however, they have added significance in autumn. A balanced autumn diet consists of hearty, rich and warm foods, including meats, cooked nuts, fish and oils.

Sauerkraut (natural fermented probiotic) like other preserved foods, provides a source of nutrients during the winter and restores gut flora. Root vegetables, such as potatoes, carrots, garlic and onion, are particularly healthful metal foods. Ginger promotes good digestion and elimination. Do weight training to make good use of muscles, building from the protein you crave as winter comes.

You might also try practicing a form of breathing meditation for the health of your lungs. Prepare for the change of weather and store up on our cold and flu regimen. Focus on relaxation in the evening hours as you get ready for sleep.

Change is inevitable, but we must try to embrace this to thrive on this roller coaster of transition. Let’s have a ride of your life, and I will meet you on top!       

Love, Juli

The Connection Between Protein And Exercise

Last month my family took a trip to Sequim, WA for a tour to learn about Organic farming. Paul Gautschi shared his knowledge of raising healthy food, modeling mother nature. Paul made a great impression upon me with how he emphasized the importance of healthy eating and with the idea, we are what we eat. He gave us an opportunity  to ask him questions, and the best part was getting to taste all the vegetables and fruits.

Curious, I wanted to know his opinion about eating protein. But instead of answering my question, Paul answered me with a question. The question was if I have ever raced a horse? A race horse needs energy to race and will eat hay in order to exert extra energy. Then he further explained that protein is hard to digest, and if you don’t exercise to utilize the energy the protein is providing you then it just sits in your system.

I believe that in our sedentary lifestyle (known as lazy or couch potato) protein is very hard to digest.

I’d like to further emphasize the fact that if you are planning to loose weight, you need to have a high protein diet, because you need the extra energy. But for those who are less active will have a problem digesting protein. Create a balanced diet, 56 grams per day for sedentary man and 46 grams per day for women. Our crops is where all the best nutrient are.

Have I ever raced a horse? Of course I wouldn’t race a horse. In the history of China, horses and chariots were a vital part of China’s military force and horses represented power and nobility. In Feng Shui, a horse is used to symbolize movement and power.  Think about this question, if you think that you are lacking in protein then race a horse after you have eaten a steak or will you end up laying on the sofa, too full or bloated to move? Then should I eat grass like a horse? I prefer more vegetables myself.

We must remind ourselves that we are what we eat, what goes in must come out. The more protein you eat the more sluggish you become. Realizing that the holidays are around the corner, we bring out the best plates and serve the richest meals, we must end it with a bunch of Taifu Plus (Digestive aid) and might as well combine it with E15 for extra detox. Best wishes to our guts and please keep it nice and clean.

Love, Juli

Laughing Buddha And My Father’s Advice For A Good Life

Laughing buddha has been a figure throughout Chinese culture as a representation of contentment. Buddha in folklore is admired for his happiness, plenitude, wisdom of contentment and open kindheartedness. One belief popular in folklore maintains that rubbing his belly brings wealth, good luck, and prosperity.laughing buddha

I can say that growing up, my life was full of happiness, I admired my father’s attitude in life and how he dealt with tough times. He has taught me the biggest lesson of all. There are three things I must remember and the first was RESPECT, second that was as important was RESPECT and the third which was most important was RESPECT. It all starts with yourself, and affects all others. Please take a moment and find that happiness. Be happy for who you are and find that true peace of mind to create that balance.

I heard one day on the radio that the biggest killer in life was loneliness! I believe that there is way too many distractions in our lives. As we start disconnecting with nature and people to focus on  electronics, we replace talking with texting, typing instead of writing, buying vegetables instead of growing our own. Please take a moment and look at yourself.  Let’s take baby steps to build a stronger village, family and really see the importance of connection.

The liver is the organ of emotions, the mother of the heart. If you notice that sleeping has been an issue and stress is high, CE pills are recommended. CE Pills are made to create a balance for the Liver and Spleen. The liver works soundly between 1-3 am, our deepest sleep. Plan on sleeping to support this. I tend to sleep at 10pm.

If you ever travel to Asia, find the Laughing Buddha, it will bring you wealth, good luck and prosperity. And, learn contentment; a state of happiness and satisfaction.



Why We Need To Eat More Fruits And Vegetables!

Are we eating enough vegetables and fruits? Fruits and vegetables are nutritious and delicious. They are packed with vitamins and minerals. As a balanced diet, it is suggested that adults eat 100-200 grams of fruits and 400-500 grams of vegetables every day. Fruits and veggies provide fiber that fills you up and keeps your digestive track happy. Fruits and veggies are nature’s treat. There are so many fruits and vegetables to choose from, what is the best for us?

Here in America, our biggest problem in balancing Yin and Yang is our diet. It is often referred to as the “Yang Diet” for it is composed of primarily foods and cooking methods which are yang qualities known as dry heat. As the stomach and intestines need moisture, our yang diet doesn’t include any. Too much Yang, results in a number of complications and perhaps eventually in a noticeable illness. As a result, an individual suffers from food blockage, stomach and intestinal pain, gas, a bloated stomach and so on. When the whole system becomes dry, skin dryness, psoriasis, dandruff, loss of hair and acne become just a few of the outcomes, which may result from too much heat in the system.

It is fundamental to health. We are what we eat. Our emotions, the change in season, climate and our sex may influence our health as well. Meaning, we have to create our health care, create a balanced diet, clearing negativity, keeping our earth clean and most important treat your body with respect and others as well.

Eating seasonally, so in warmer weather seasons you may have more fruits and vegetables, while in colder seasons more grains. Fruits that are grown locally, fresh and in room temperature, should avoid chilled fruits. The digestive system doesn’t function as well in summer as in other seasons and cold-temperature foods may reduce gastric juices, leading to poor appetite and indigestion. Some fruits should not be eaten on an empty stomach, including tomatoes, bananas, oranges, hawthorn and persimmon.

If you eat leafy green vegetables our brains function better, the thinking is clearer. The brain needs a fairly large supply of oxygen to function at its best. It is of utmost importance that our body receive enough oxygen, especially while curing any disease. Broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, green vegetables and radish sprouts are all is cruciferous vegetables that bring about consistent types of changes in the gut bacteria that are known to metabolize glucosinolates, lignans and fiber. In fact, the ability to metabolize glucosinolates (and convert them into cancer-preventive isothiocyanates) may be a very important factor in prevention of certain cancers, especially cancers of the digestive tract.

It certainly takes time to prepare vegetables, but what a reward!



Surviving the Hot Summer 2015

We are having a unexpected hot summer! It is a little too hot for my taste and very dangerous as well. A few weeks ago my niece and a friend (both13 years old), went unsupervised to a outdoor pool during peek heat (10am-4pm) for a few hours, and not drinking enough fluid ended with a heat stroke. She ran a fever and luckily the fever broke in a day and there wasn’t a need of hospitalization.

The preventive measures for heat stroke include drinking plenty of cool liquids and avoiding excessive heat and humidity. Treatment requires rapid physical cooling of the body. I believe that we all need to be educated so that severe damage can be prevented as well as enjoying the summer days.

The precaution while enjoying the warm weather is to be in shaded area and cooling temperature between peek heat of 10am – 4pm. But in Seattle weather, I think its best to be protected until 7-8pm. The strong heat creates the worry of skin cancer, heat stroke, sunburn, but dehydration can create major casualty especially for the kids and elderly. To prevent dehydration is drinking at least 8 glasses of water.  I was once told that using sun block is effective for 30% protection, and the best protection is sun clothing and shade which provides 90%.

Lets have a fun and safe summer!



What You Should Know About Kidney Stones

Our food is the well being of life.

It is easy to fall into the pattern of eating fast, convenient, prepared food, especially in our often frantic lives. But we are not nurturing ourselves, relying on latest trends like supplements, special Atkins diets or only fruit diets. I believe that moderation is the key. A little of everything is good, too much is poison.

In the recent years, I’ve seen many female patients with Kidney stones. A pain worse than labor! If the stone is anywhere near 4mm it has to be blasted. Not trying to be mean, but men having kidney stones can appreciate women for giving birth.

The unfortunate thing about kidney stones is that once you have had one there is a significant chance that you will have another one. Fortunately, there are things that you can do that may help prevent future occurrences. Approximately four out of five kidney stones are calcium stones. Dietary factors that can lead to the development of these stones and lets get us great details.

Supplements like Calcium, Vitamin D and (ascorbic acid ) Vitamin C taken in high doses can increase stones. Too much of a good thing: When it comes to vitamins, more is not always better. Once the kidney Qi is deficient it takes a whole lot of care. We suggest our DTF Pills to help along with a good diet and not too much of any vitamin.

In many ways, we don’t really need much advice because we already know basically what we should do: eat a variety of foods, especially whole grains, fruits, and vegetables; minimize candy, soda and other empty calories; and watch how much we eat. And of course do some physical activity each day and the goal of 8-10 full glasses of fluid each day.

A trend comes and goes. The best vitamin is through foods not a pill.

“Saving Time, Giving Space, Creating a better you, follow through and love you, But we must Love one more…”