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Three Principal Causes of Disharmony That Brings About Diseases

“What is the cause?” According to Chinese pathology there are three principal causes of disharmony that brings about diseases: external factors, emotions and irregularities in day-to-day living. Of the main five organs (Liver, Heart, Spleen, Lung and Kidney) which one(s) is causing the illness and what is causing the organ(s) to become imbalanced? Each organ has a Yin and Yang element within, and it is the imbalance between them that leads to disease. Through diagnosis the Herbalist hopes to balance the patients system by first cleansing it, then soothing it and finally by building up the patients system and entire condition. However, without the patient’s cooperation in maintaining a proper diet and lifestyle the herbalist and patient will be running a circle.v

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, summer belongs to fire, one of the five elements. The fire dries, and is associated ailments include fever, inflammation, constipation and frequent urination. On the emotions, this often causes irritability, lack of concentration and manic behavior. In children it can sometimes result in hyperactivity. More commonly, summer heat causes heat stroke, exhaustion and dehydration.

To prevent summer illness, you need self-discipline. The self-discipline to drink plenty of clean filtered water with slices of lemon and cucumber throughout the day. The self- discipline to eat light and less greasy diet. Introduce some cool Yin foods into your diet such as watercress, cucumber, and lettuce. Avoid outdoor activities in peak heat from 2pm-4:30 pm around the Pacific Northwest. Rest in midday, take a nap. Last and most important refrain from anger, keep calm and even tempered.

I go for the good, then I celebrate and quickly I fall back to old habits, because it’s a trick of the mind with self-discipline. This season, I encourage you to challenge yourself with these suggestions and see how it changes you!


You Are What’s Important To You

Your health is a reflection of how you take care of yourself. When I got married to Kaz, he made a funny joke that, “I better not get fat.” In return, he better not become bald (please don’t tell my husband). I kept mind of it, I love myself, and the chances that I will get fat isn’t a worry. I knew that if I became fat, it was because I didn’t take care of myself, I didn’t eat right. Growing up, we only ate at home. Eating out was unheard of, and having a snack meant eating fruit or vegetables. That was my upbringing and although here and there I do eat out and snack on junk food, it isn’t a bad habit. I learned to stop and do my best to stick with our Bland Diet Sheet. Is food important to you? I think the new sensational food fads are over rated. You will constantly hear of new findings in science about diets, and diet interventions. I don’t believe in special diets like the protein diets or all fruit diets or even juicing. If weight is the problem, stop eating bad and create a balanced meal. Start changing your life style. Science has nothing to do with our eating habits, it is our own discipline. And when you don’t feel well do something about it.

Food is highly important for our own existence. For survival needs, people everywhere could eat the same food, to be measured only in calories, fats, carbohydrates, proteins, and vitamins. But people of different backgrounds or cultures eat very differently. You might say that different cultures have different food choices. (The word choice is used here not necessarily in an active sense, granting the possibility that some choices could be imposed rather than selected.) We see how food habits change and seek to explore the reasons and consequences. You are what you eat! What may work well for one may be bad for others.

The Chinese diet has a long, complicated history, based on thousands of years of Chinese medicine. Chinese culture is based on the philosophy of “yin” and “yang”, as well as the “Five Elements.” From medicine, and martial arts, to dance, and cooking Chinese culture is built on a foundation of balance, harmony, contrast, and adapting to change.

Part of that balance can be implemented with food. Each organ is tied to an element and a taste. For example, bitter is tied to the heart and fire. Sweet: spleen/earth, sour: liver/wood, spicy: lungs/metal, salty: kidneys/water.) In building a healthy meal, all five of these tastes should be incorporated. That is said to keep the body in balance, which in turn protects it from disease.


Why Diets Won’t Work

For thousands of years, the concept of balance from Chinese philosophy kept Chinese communities from straying from the traditional diet. There were always periods of shortage and periods of wealth. When food was available, it was prepared according to the recommendations of Chinese medicine.
During the Cultural Revolution, from the 1900’s there has been a dramatic shift in the way people grew and imported food, as well as eating habits. Cereal consumption shot up in 1952 and so did “junk” food consumption. The proportion of energy intake from fat tripled, and by 1982 China saw its first significant rise in the number of overweight people and those stricken with diet-related cancers. We must look back to wisdom for guidance.

Many weeks ago I watched a movie called “Mr. Church” which tells the story of a unique friendship that develops when a little girl and her dying mother retain the services of a talented cook. This movie inspired me to start cooking at home, using fresh herbs and spending more time in the kitchen. Nothing beats a home cooked meal. It really reminds me of how my grandma raised us, dinner was always served on time and every dinner was served with pride. There wasn’t any need of going out to eat. It would be my wish to have a farm and a family chef. In the teaching of I Ching, the element Earth is to seed our lands to grow crops and to create life. It is the cycle of life. In the month of March we celebrate Earth Day. So plant those seeds, celebrate our lives with great crops, and create those great healthy meals with friends and family.

A new car needs an oil change, when was the last time you had an oil change? Schedule your quarterly health check and share your recipes. Find your passion in cooking and start with the book The Joy of Cooking and get inspired by watching Mr. Church.


The Chinese New Year 2017

The Chinese New Year is a celebration of family tradition, cultural foods and happiness. My greatest memories of this holiday are of the shared stories behind the tradition. Family tradition is knowledge that has been and continues to be passed down through the generations by visual and oral means, rather than via book learning or google searches. There is no gender divide in the role of passing on this knowledge, although it would be correct to say that it is mostly done by women and grandparents, who adopt the role of care givers in most traditional households.

Every culture in the world has their own folk medicine tradition and various herbal remedies for treating illnesses and diseases. Folk medicine is a compilation of formulae used by the general public to treat certain conditions without reference to a complete system of medicine. In some publications, folk medicines are called “secret formulae.” As a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, many patient complain about the bitter taste of the herbs, but such taste can be acquired or developed. Here in the United States, we are spoiled by our pallets. If it doesn’t taste good, we won’t want to eat it, and we salt before we taste. We have to train our kids early on that bitter is good and that it can bring healing. In addition, many conventional physicians have no knowledge or understanding of Chinese Herbs, Cupping, or Gua Sha, so these treatments are automatically assumed to be ineffective or outright bad. This is in part because TMC isn’t science proven by lab rats or clinical studies, it is proven and experienced by humans.

According to Chinese tradition, one cannot achieve a state of good health without first creating a harmonious relationship with Nature or Tradition. If you feel you’ve lost control of your health or other important parts of your life, Chinese New Year is a wonderful time to regain your balance. In the West, the New Year often brings a renewed focus on diet and exercise. In the East, however, the Chinese New Year brings a renewed perspective of the whole person: body, mind and spirit. In traditional Chinese medicine, we think of health and wellness in terms of balance. Everything — physical, emotional, mental and spiritual — is connected. Your physical well-being impacts your spirit. When I see patients who have been in chronic pain for many years, their quality of life has been severely impaired. This impacts their spirit. Many lose the sparkle in their eyes, and brightness in their voices. Disease is perceived as a disharmony (or imbalance) in the functions of the interaction between the human body and the environment. Therapy is based on which “pattern of disharmony” can be identified. It is also known to be the most difficult aspect of practicing TCM.

You Need More Than An Oil Change For Good Health

When was the last time you had an oil change? Even a new car needs an oil change when the time comes. And with an old car, not only does it need an oil change, but a full tune up, and at times parts need to be replaced and fixed. Our body is much more complex than a car and the truth is that physical illness comes from neglect and eating the wrong food. More and more people are taught to eat with a mind set of “why can’t I?” and begin following nonsensical trends. Not everyone has the same biology, which means everyone reacts to different allergens and substances differently. If a food that is scientifically suppose to have great benefits but in return has been prepared uncooked or has been eaten too much, it can cause side effects. That effect can sometimes cause a long term health disease. A great example would be Chia Seeds. Due to the high concentration of Omega -3 fatty acids, and gelatinous properties it has can act as a blood thinner. Since it is a high fiber and rich seed, it can cause gastrointestinal problems. Be aware, and don’t have a monkey see monkey do attitude.

I am learning every day. A very wise man has recently explained to me that “you don’t need to fall into every mud puddle to know it is dirty.” That goes for the usage of marijuana, alcohol, and following unbeneficial trends. We are now told that, it is good for us, but history and other informational sources have shown that it can have toxic effects on our body. How can we say things like smoking marijuana frequently and drinking a glass of red wine once a day is ok, when we know that smoking cigarettes can cause Lung Disease or Cancer and alcoholic drinks can cause Alcohol Liver? Please be more knowledgeable and think twice of the consequences. My rule is this, what is not given to a baby or child doesn’t mean that it is good for us. Your biology stays the same throughout your whole life. Learn to say STOP.

What can we do to give ourselves an oil change? Take Taifu Plus and E15. A prominent ingredient in the E15 is Po Xiao which improves disease resistance. Huang Lian, another ingredient in E15 will help relieve heat toxicity. There is no secret to life, what goes in must come out. Time and time, one will get their blood or hair analyzed and when the results return it may show that they are low in iron or Vitamin D. So naturally, you take more supplements. In Chinese Traditional Herbal teaching, internally, if a main organ isn’t working properly, it will lower your body’s processing and functioning abilities. If one neglects eating the right food, it will hinder your body’s ability to receive good, natural nutrients. Instead of supplements, we spend time with patients and help educate the patient on how to prevent illness from the start. Starting with consuming a plant-based diet, eating living cultured food, and eliminating processed food will help alkalize the body naturally and provide the body the nutrients that it needs to heal. What goes in must come out.

With Love,

What To Eat When It’s Cold Outside

The holidays are the most joyous times of the year. Get into the holiday spirit in a big way and round up family and friends to go to events and be very active. Spend time in creating healthy foods like simple vegetable dishes, cultural foods that your grandparents made, make it memorable. Often the holiday seasons brings stress, emotional turmoil, rich foods, and late nights. All of these can affect your health and well-being. Let’s make a good change.

In the cold winter months, people desire to eat more food. This increases gastric acid and poses a threat to the gastric mucosa. Chronic stomach problems like ulcers and even stomach bleeding. The rule of thumb is to only eat 70% full and no later than 6pm. Give your stomach at least 3-4 hours to digest before bedtime. Generally, the digestive system enters an active stage in winter and that’s why dietary reinforcements are usually more effective than in other seasons, stomach problems also often occur due to cold air, eating unsafe foods like hot pots, and stimulating spicy foods.

Also, cold food should be avoided to reduce stimulation of gastric fluids, especially at breakfast. As most of the organs are still in a state of sleep, eating cold foods may result in contraction and poor blood circulation in the digestive system, leading to indigestion. There goes your cup of orange juice in the morning!

Warm or relatively hot foods, however, can help stimulate blood circulation and wake up the organs. Wearing a belly belt, or covering the stomach, can also help protect the stomach from the cold. Warming fruit with hot water, or briefly boiling it, before eating is a good alternative if you must eat it. Generally, the antioxidant like polyphenol in fruit won’t be damaged at 100 degrees Celsius. Boiled fruits will effectively nourish organs, move bowels and promote digestion, as well as reduce possible stimulation in the stomach.

And since immunity decreases with cold temperatures, we should also be aware of infectious digestive ailments with typical symptoms like diarrhea and vomiting. Uncooked foods are the first group recommended to be crossed off the menu.

As for patients with chronic stomach problems like inflammation or ulcers, it is essential to quit smoking, drinking and eating other stimulating foods as well as avoid bad moods and fatigue. It is also advised to take precautionary herbs to stop relapses of stomach problems.

Stay hydrated. Water helps your body cleanse toxins and fight germs. With furnaces blasting, lots of party foods, and alcohol, your personal water table needs all the help it can get. Remember, caffinated beverages and alcoholic drinks actually take water out of your system.

If you stay cautious of what you eat and how you prepare foods, learn to read ingredients, you will have much better intestinal health. You are what you eat. Eat wisely and drink smart.

Enjoy this holiday with good health,

Taifu Plus Helps During The Holidays

With the Holidays around the corner, we need to focus on better eating habits, emotional eating and sleeping patterns. During this season, Taifu Plus is often used, as our Holiday Foods are mostly meats, a pound of butter in each dish and plenty of sugar that will definitely lower your Serotonin that contributes to depression and Candida over-load.

Have you ever wondered what Taifu means? Taifu means doctor. My father created the Taifu pills back in the 1950’s. He created them as a Digestive Aid understanding that something from the environment, some kind of toxin was a contributor of diseases. Perhaps more importantly for our current concerns, other than what we eat that causes problems, the bigger concern points to emotional contributions to the development of diseases, the need and the want, simply the “I can’t live without” addiction. CE has been created to balance the Liver and Spleen, the organs that reflect emotions.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, we warn that irregular eating habits undermine the digestion and aggravate existing problems. Lack of nourishment can cause dizziness and fatigue called Spleen deficiency. The most common symptom is loss of appetite; some people feel dizzy, weak, get headaches and feel chest pains. Women are more likely to suffer than men.

Every year as we go through the change of season from Autumn to Winter. These winter months attribute to higher chances of flu, as our kids bring it home it continues to spread throughout the whole household. If it’s a virus, cook up the Cold and Flu regimen add a few slices of fresh ginger root and sweat it out. As I was growing up, grandma would perform Gua Sha she calls it a change of season and if our eyes are weak and pale face she’ll apply Kwan Loong oil and use a jade to scrape the illness away.

What is Gua Sha? Gua Sha is used to treat as well as prevent the common cold, flu, bronchitis, asthma, and pain both acute and chronic. It is also used to detoxify the body, and fevers as the scraping brings the excess heat and toxins to the surface of the body to be released. If you have coughing, we quickly combine Gua Sha with Cupping. Cupping can heal your cough and clear your lungs.

We sleep late, eat late, eating foods that is way too rich that we shouldn’t, drink all that we shouldn’t and finally it’s the stress that we put our self and others. For this coming holiday season, my gift to you is to start a new tradition.: focus on yourself, get plenty of sleep by going to bed early, eat less and spend quality time with your family and friends. Money can’t buy health and surround yourself with lots of great moments. Take great care of yourself and you may like it. I love it.

With love,

Summer Survival: Purines and what they mean

Year after year we look forward to Seattle Summer. Finally the rain has stopped and sun is back. All the summer health problems are back, from the allergies, the mosquito bites and worst of all the inflammation.

Purines are a natural substance found in some foods. When your body digests purine, a waste product called uric acid is produced. When excess uric acid in the bloodstream builds too quickly or can’t be eliminated fast enough, it is deposited as needle-shaped crystals in the tissues of the body, including joints, causing intense pain (experienced as Gout). Increased meat and seafood intake is associated with approximately a 50 percent higher risk. Those in their 40’s or 50’s, when their ability to metabolise purine starts to deteriorate, eating a lot of purine-rich foods – like red meat, organ meat, certain fish and vegetables – over a short period of time increased the risk of a (gout)inflammation attack almost five fold compared to the risk when eating fewer purine-rich foods.

As you are going to all the summer fairs, stay away from the deep fried elephant eyes, burgers, barbecues, hot dogs and the famous deep fried twinkie. That is a recipe for disaster. I can’t wait to see you come in and get the Taifu Plus Pills and DTF Pills.

How about fruits? What about high-fructose fruits? You should avoid apples, cherries, mangoes, watermelon, peaches and pears. You can safely have moderate amounts of low-fructose fruits, such as honeydew melon, cantaloupe, bananas, blueberries, strawberries and oranges, if they are well spaced throughout the day. After 4pm, stop eating an all fruit diet because it is a disaster for raising your blood sugar level. All fruits are not recreated equal.

A few weeks ago I visited Vancouver, BC with my mom and aunt. Mom got so excited to speak to a great friend there that practices Chinese Herbs. Mom runs to him showing him her hands, expressing the pain from the inflammation. The healer looks at me and then with a very serious look towards my mom. Too much high purine level foods, stop the roast pork (compulsive eating, eat on the go), deep fried foods. If you stop eating all the roasted meats, you will lessen the inflammation and crystallization in the joints that creates pain. It’s funny how as I said the same to my mom she ignored me and when Uncle spoke she actually learns the lesson about her bad habit.

All fruit, all protein, no-carb diet, too much for short period of time, only causes the body to over stress the digestive tract. Moderation and know your body type.

Love, Juli

Surviving Mosquito Season

Seattle has definitely hit the record high for rainfall, the endless soggy weather for winter 2015-2016.

Spring is now upon us, trees are blooming, the grass is growing and so are those runny noses, swollen red eyes from allergies.

Allergies are miserable and frustrating. Pollen, aches and pain have arrived again and the scariest of all is the warm weather, which puts small creatures like the mosquito is back in action. Mosquitoes that hibernate need warm weather to become active, while mosquitoes that spend the winter as eggs need rainfall to flood the eggs and make them hatch.

Since Mosquitos loves me and my kids, those tiny bites are brutal. They itch like crazy, then turns into a big red inflamed patch. Takes days to clear up. Finally bouncing around the chair itching the bite I use Ultra Potent Ping On Ointment – an effective mosquito repellent and stops itching. Before you get out there, apply the Ping On Ointment so you won’t itch, it’s that season. I have noticed a lot of media about different virus that is from mosquito like dengue fever and Zika Virus.

Dengue fever is an acute infectious disease caused by a virus and transmitted by the yellow fever mosquito. It usually occurs in tropical or subtropical climates. Varies the Zika Virus spreads through mosquito bites.

Using traditional Chinese diagnostics and herb therapy, the results are better than using modern drug therapy (no specific therapy).

Let’s prevent all the itching and the virus transmission (that is why I recommend Ping On Ointment).

In Wellness,

The Way To Find More Time

Have you ever asked
for more time? Wishing that
the day was longer, and thinking
if I just had more time
than I will finish all the days
work? My father says that
work is always longer than
life. Even if you were not here,
work continues, it never finishes.

Back in the 1980’s as I was studying with my
father, I wasn’t allowed to watch TV, listen to radio or
newspaper or talk on the phone as I was working, it was
a distraction. It helped me a lot to enjoy quiet time and
to focus on my studies. Take a weekend and disconnect
yourself by enjoying quiet time by reading a book or
taking an afternoon nap. All those worries and stress
will fall off your shoulders. I was only 12-years-old
when I developed that good habit. You can build this
good habit any chapter of your life as well.
I really believe that we have to reconnect to
ourselves and overcome a lot of our stress rather than
driving on adrenalin. Stress is a silent killer, it is very
dangerous. Stress has no boundaries and we shouldn’t
feed on it, it’s poison. That is one thing my Taifu Plus
Pills can’t cleanse out, the stress related build up in the
gut. Over these couple of weeks, I had to take the Heart
Tonic due to emotional stress. I do have to say it helped
a lot. I am workable but when it comes to emotional
stress that is something else. You should have it on hand,
I am glad I did.

My father was my idol. He gave me a strong
foundation with great life practices. You must have a
dream, willing to work hard and if you fall, pick yourself
up. There are many challenges but that only makes you
stronger and better.

I love my practice and it is the art of healing.
My patients are strong, beautiful, healthy and full of
life. It’s great to stand with a group of people to inspire
and learn more than to stand alone. Knowledge helps
us make great choices and teaches us to learn from our

I have no good words on stress, only great wisdom
that was given to me. Herbs are there to heal, my
patients are the strong ones, they will drink the bitter
herbs to get well

Love Juli