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Taifu Plus Helps During The Holidays

With the Holidays around the corner, we need to focus on better eating habits, emotional eating and sleeping patterns. During this season, Taifu Plus is often used, as our Holiday Foods are mostly meats, a pound of butter in each dish and plenty of sugar that will definitely lower your Serotonin that contributes to depression and Candida over-load.

Have you ever wondered what Taifu means? Taifu means doctor. My father created the Taifu pills back in the 1950’s. He created them as a Digestive Aid understanding that something from the environment, some kind of toxin was a contributor of diseases. Perhaps more importantly for our current concerns, other than what we eat that causes problems, the bigger concern points to emotional contributions to the development of diseases, the need and the want, simply the “I can’t live without” addiction. CE has been created to balance the Liver and Spleen, the organs that reflect emotions.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, we warn that irregular eating habits undermine the digestion and aggravate existing problems. Lack of nourishment can cause dizziness and fatigue called Spleen deficiency. The most common symptom is loss of appetite; some people feel dizzy, weak, get headaches and feel chest pains. Women are more likely to suffer than men.

Every year as we go through the change of season from Autumn to Winter. These winter months attribute to higher chances of flu, as our kids bring it home it continues to spread throughout the whole household. If it’s a virus, cook up the Cold and Flu regimen add a few slices of fresh ginger root and sweat it out. As I was growing up, grandma would perform Gua Sha she calls it a change of season and if our eyes are weak and pale face she’ll apply Kwan Loong oil and use a jade to scrape the illness away.

What is Gua Sha? Gua Sha is used to treat as well as prevent the common cold, flu, bronchitis, asthma, and pain both acute and chronic. It is also used to detoxify the body, and fevers as the scraping brings the excess heat and toxins to the surface of the body to be released. If you have coughing, we quickly combine Gua Sha with Cupping. Cupping can heal your cough and clear your lungs.

We sleep late, eat late, eating foods that is way too rich that we shouldn’t, drink all that we shouldn’t and finally it’s the stress that we put our self and others. For this coming holiday season, my gift to you is to start a new tradition.: focus on yourself, get plenty of sleep by going to bed early, eat less and spend quality time with your family and friends. Money can’t buy health and surround yourself with lots of great moments. Take great care of yourself and you may like it. I love it.

With love,

Less Yeast, Please!

Over the past 2 years that I’ve worked at Hen Sen Herbs, I feel that I have learned more about health and personal wellness than I ever would in my entire life. Before working here, I use to have a care-free life. Being a young adult, I would eat all the junk food I wanted, sleep late (2 sometimes not going to bed until 3am), and party to my little heart’s content. I use to love eating fried foods like nachos, fries, $1 burgers. And don’t even get me started on the sweets. But as I have grown, I have learned that sometimes freedom comes with a price.

As some of you may know, in previous articles I write about the harmful effects of sugar and the biological, emotional, and physical effects it may have on your body. On my journey for better health, I have learned so much about the body and the different processes it goes through to cleanse itself and maintain wellness. In one instance at our office, Juli explained one of her teachings that her father shared with her and it stuck with me and continues to be a motivation for me.

She explained, “My father taught me in order to be an herbalist; you need to know what herbs are toxic and poisonous first, and then know what herbs to combat these toxins.” Although in the context she was explaining about herbs, this teaching is important in many aspects. In this case, educating yourself on the toxins that ensue in your everyday life and how to combat them is highly important!

I was born and raised in America. Seeing that America is the #1 country in the world to consume the most sugar, doesn’t sit with me very well. I was astounded to find that the average American eats about 22 teaspoons of sugar a day (roughly) which equals to 119 grams of sugar a day. And many people have a serious misconception about sugar! Sugar is in everything nowadays from your simple Starbucks non-fat white chocolate caramel mocha with extra whip (73.8 grams of sugar about 18 teaspoons) to a single cup of Chobani Black Cherry Blended Greek Yogurt: (28 grams sugar). Most people don’t even think fruits like bananas and apples contain sugar (which they do) and combine too many fruits together to concoct a fructose smoothie. To put it simply, people are eating WAY too much sugar. And with all of this consumption, it can bring a variety of problems from obesity, to heart disease, and even cancer.

For myself, I have learned that with too much consumption of sugar, candida overload can invade your intestines causing a chain of reactions in your body. Candida isn’t something to be feared because it is not necessarily bad; it just feeds of sugar and creates too much yeast. When the body has too much yeast this is where you should raise concerns because it can cause symptoms such as acne, indigestion, bloating, fatigue, weight gain, brain fogginess and sometimes even muscle soreness. Signs of Candida include a white tongue coating, and bloated stomach, and difficult bowel movements. A white coating on the tongue is an indication of infection or bacteria which is what candida is.

There are many things that can disturb the balance of flora (good bacteria) in our bodies and cause Candida to thrive:

Taking antibiotics, which disrupt the flora in our digestive systems

Taking birth control pills, which disrupt our hormones

Eating processed foods, carbohydrates and sugar, which feed Candida

Stress, which depresses the immune system

Alcohol, which is high in sugars and yeast

The fact is that a yeast overgrowth is system wide and not simply a topical problem. It can take some time ranging from 3 weeks to 6 months to reduce the Candida level which takes dedication and discipline.

Some helpful tips to reduce candida levels are:

1. Have a support group of people who are health oriented and who you can go to for health advice and motivational support.

2. Look at the sugar content on nutritional labels. One teaspoon of cane sugar contains 4 grams of sugar. It is generally recommended that adults eat no more than 6-9 grams of sugar per day. If a single item has more than 10 grams of sugar, think twice about consuming it, or break it up into several portions.

3. Be aware of how much sugar is in common items like bananas (17 grams) or a cup of orange juice (21 grams).

Taking Taifu Plus combined with E15, and for the ladies CE, are great tools to help decrease the yeasty overgrowth. A great indication of progress is to look at your tongue and see if the white coating has receded. As the sugar season kicks in, it is important to check in with yourself to make sure that you are at the healthiest state you can be!

Take care and be aware!
Happy Autumn, Shaila

Traditinoal Chinese Soups That Heal

Fall is here, and so are many sweet treats at holiday parties and school functions. Along with the tasty treats, you start to notice more and more people coming down with the seasonal cold or flu. While having too many sweets is part of the problem, the other part is that we are spending more and more time indoors with lots of people. One of my favorite ways to stay healthy during this season is with soups.

Many cultures have soup recipes that get passed down from generation to generation. And while Americans we often think of Chicken Soup when we get sick, the Traditional Chinese culture has many other soup recipes, specific to different kinds of illnesses. The most common is more like a hot breakfast cereal or hot rice porridge called Congee.

With simple ingredients of water and white rice, Congee is gentle on the stomach during a cold or the flu. Instead of hard crackers, or bland toast, Congee is a bit more comforting since it’s warm and can hold a bit of flavor from a slice of ginger added during the cooking process to a handful of Goji berries. We have the recipe on our website and blog: Congee Recipe

Another wonderful example is Ching Bo Leung Soup. It is made for general well being support and focuses on nourishing the kidneys and lungs. You can access the recipe for it on our blog at Ching Bo Leung Soup

And, Chinese Mustard Green Soup is well known for support when you are battling a cold. Kaz wrote a fun story up about the history of how the recipe became so popular. For that recipe, visit the website too: Chinese Mustard Green Soup/

Yes, some of the ingredients are hard to find, but also fun because you get to go explore and Asian grocery story.

While you enjoy reading our article this month on Candida and the importance of noticing if you’re eating too much sugar and grains, remember that while you may start thinking about how hard an elimination diet is, you can try some new recipes and explore ways to support the body with soup!