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Life Advice From Juli For Living Through Stress

Sometimes you meet someone who says something that helps you in more ways than one. Like when a teacher from school told you how to solve a problem, or a grandparent who taught you about proper manners. As I get ready to celebrate my birthday, I’m fondly thinking of the lessons I have learned this past year as well as what I’ve learned over time.

This past year, my health has been well, but life still has stressful moments and challenges, and it is Juli’s advice that keeps ringing true during times of stress:

“It is what it is.” Juliana told me when I asked her why my health ended up a certain way.

You see, even though my health has improved, there are always things that come up and cause me stress in my life. And, those words, “It is what it is,” helps me to focus on the fact that I can’t change my circumstances or why things don’t turn out a certain way. All I can really do is to focus on how I respond to them or what I can do with my own actions.

How many of us experience stress while driving in traffic? How would knowing why it’s happening help us? All we can do about traffic is to be patient, and perhaps turn up the music or radio to focus on something to pass the extra time on the road.

Another thing that Juli has taught me is to pay attention to my mood. If I’m feeling angry, sad, or tired, those are like traffic lights I need to notice. If I ignore those signs too long, a source of stress could make me sick. Depending on the type of stress or causes, I can work out more, sleep more, or make sure I’m eating nourishing foods that do not put extra stress on the body. And, you know what happens when you take care of your body when it is showing you it’s stressed out? It starts to be able to handle the stress better.

While I cannot say that you won’t ever experience stress, I can say that if you take care of yourself as soon as possible, you’ll be able to handle it better. And, I’ve learned this the hard way, through experiences and Juli’s persistent reminders. No one likes being told to get more sleep or eat more vegetables, but the reason she gives us this advice is because it works.

Wishing you wellness,


Summer Survival: Purines and what they mean

Year after year we look forward to Seattle Summer. Finally the rain has stopped and sun is back. All the summer health problems are back, from the allergies, the mosquito bites and worst of all the inflammation.

Purines are a natural substance found in some foods. When your body digests purine, a waste product called uric acid is produced. When excess uric acid in the bloodstream builds too quickly or can’t be eliminated fast enough, it is deposited as needle-shaped crystals in the tissues of the body, including joints, causing intense pain (experienced as Gout). Increased meat and seafood intake is associated with approximately a 50 percent higher risk. Those in their 40’s or 50’s, when their ability to metabolise purine starts to deteriorate, eating a lot of purine-rich foods – like red meat, organ meat, certain fish and vegetables – over a short period of time increased the risk of a (gout)inflammation attack almost five fold compared to the risk when eating fewer purine-rich foods.

As you are going to all the summer fairs, stay away from the deep fried elephant eyes, burgers, barbecues, hot dogs and the famous deep fried twinkie. That is a recipe for disaster. I can’t wait to see you come in and get the Taifu Plus Pills and DTF Pills.

How about fruits? What about high-fructose fruits? You should avoid apples, cherries, mangoes, watermelon, peaches and pears. You can safely have moderate amounts of low-fructose fruits, such as honeydew melon, cantaloupe, bananas, blueberries, strawberries and oranges, if they are well spaced throughout the day. After 4pm, stop eating an all fruit diet because it is a disaster for raising your blood sugar level. All fruits are not recreated equal.

A few weeks ago I visited Vancouver, BC with my mom and aunt. Mom got so excited to speak to a great friend there that practices Chinese Herbs. Mom runs to him showing him her hands, expressing the pain from the inflammation. The healer looks at me and then with a very serious look towards my mom. Too much high purine level foods, stop the roast pork (compulsive eating, eat on the go), deep fried foods. If you stop eating all the roasted meats, you will lessen the inflammation and crystallization in the joints that creates pain. It’s funny how as I said the same to my mom she ignored me and when Uncle spoke she actually learns the lesson about her bad habit.

All fruit, all protein, no-carb diet, too much for short period of time, only causes the body to over stress the digestive tract. Moderation and know your body type.

Love, Juli