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Intuition: Where Did It Go?

We live in an age where technology such as the internet, television, and phone apps can provide so much information. News, commercials, medical enhancements, celebrities, etc, the list goes on and on. But with all this information, how can we tell if something is true or not?

This is highly prominent in the medical industry, where someone says, “This thing is good for you! Go on this special thing diet today and lose 100 pounds”. This statement sounds silly and unrealistic but it is a true formula that many people fall for. This doctor (or if you’re watching a commercial, a guy in a white lab coat and a stethoscope around his neck) says this is good for you so I should trust him right? Well, did you ever stop to think “what the side effects may be if I start taking this” (or listen to the side effects toward the end of the commercial…real scary stuff).

Medication is prescribed left and right for everything from a runny nose to cancer. The issue here is where did that little voice in our heads go? You know the one that says, “Maybe I should dig deeper into this and see if this is the best option” or “Maybe this isn’t a good idea”. This is called intuition.

I want to share a rather personal story of mine that has had such a huge impact on my life today, and if I could, I would have changed it completely. About 5 years ago (I was 16 years old), I was put on birth control for a multitude of reasons, the doctor I was seeing told me that it was completely safe and I would have no complications of any kind. They even told me I could take birth control limitlessly, meaning I could take it until the day I died. Naively falling for their advice, I took birth control for 5 years straight. I’d have really horrible UTI’s (urinary tract infections), yeast infections, anemia, and eventually my menstrual cycle was thrown way out of balance. I would get two periods a month…women can you imagine that?

Working with Juli, she noticed that I would get lethargic and sometimes even nauseous. She examined my body and it turned out that my liver is completely inflamed and also a serious case of anemia due to the fact I was losing too much blood with my periods every month, and so many potential chronic health problems. I have been off birth control for more than two months, and have already noticed a significant change in myself. I am still recovering nonetheless, but I can’t even imagine what my body would have gone through if I had taken it for the rest of my life.

The moral of my story is that although medication can potentially be good for one thing, it can cause a chain of reactions for others. And sometimes it can put you in a worse state than before. After going through my experience I am always going to dig deeper into what I put into my body and listen to my intuition. Intuition has become more silent as the production of pills grow faster. People are so anxious to find a quick solution for everything instead of taking a second to listen to the body.

In my case, I did some research on the Pros and Cons of Birth Control and from what I found, it wasn’t surprising. There have been cases that link Birth Control to liver damage, uterine cancer, and potential breast cancer. One piece of information that struck me was that women aren’t even allowed to take Birth Control for more than 6 years! But at the same time Birth Control can help prevent women from unwanted pregnancies. All medication has its pros and cons, but for me I wish I would have taken the time to think of all possibilities before jumping into something I had no knowledge about. And now I am paying the consequences.

Most doctors are trained to look at someone’s concerns, prescribe medication, and kick them out the door, so they can bring in the next patient. In one instance I had a doctor look at me, prescribed me medication, the whole 2 hours of sitting in the waiting room, led up to a 15 minute examination and that was it. She didn’t even take time to dig deeper as to what my concern was or the probable cause of it. It made me so upset that I felt like there was no solution to the concerns I was feeling. My intuition was telling me that there was more to the problem. But I felt helpless and lost because there was no one who could give me the straight answers that I was looking for.

Intuition is something that you have a gut feeling about. When people feel sick it is hard to sift through all the possible causes and root problems because all you are focused on is trying to get better. That is when you need to look into yourself the most and seek the best possible solution for you. Natural medicine is one of those practices that allows you to explore those root problems not just to cure your symptoms but to change your life style to help you feel better altogether. Natural medicine may not provide a quick solution but it is far better to relieve as many problems as you can than to take a pill and cure one symptom.

All in all it is important to listen to what your body is telling you, it’s your intuition. When you feel a small body ache don’t run to grab an aspirin, try stretching. If your stomach is constantly upset, change your diet or eat in smaller portions. About 80% of diseases can be prevented by making better choices, 20% is out of our control. Look at all possible solutions and concerns before making a drastic decision in life. It will save you in the long run.

~Humbly, Shaila

When You Should Talk To Your Ten-Year-Old Self

When you were ten years old, you probably never thought of heart-burn or high cholesterol. Now that you’re an adult, topics like this come up in the office or among friends. Everyone has an opinion or story about what kind of medical help or medicine you should try. Even the television and Internet have overwhelming advice and suggestions.

Now, many of us see a doctor or health are practitioner before seeking someone in the natural health field, and get treated like a ten-year-old. This can happen with natural medicine, but often the big difference is that a traditional American medical doctor doesn’t spend more than 15 minutes with a patient and will prescribe a pill to treat a symptom that isn’t life threatening. A natural medicine practitioner like a Traditional Chinese Herbalist, spends time to really get to the root of your health problems.

When I hear stories from my friends and family about how they were ignored or suffered with only a prescription to treat their health issues, I think about how when we were ten years old, we were told to stand up to bullies. We were told to listen and respect authority but also to speak the truth and to start taking ownership over caring for ourselves. We were told to keep trying. We were told to never stop learning.

Now, I know every culture is different, but in America we have a problem with bullies. It starts in elementary school and follows us into adulthood. We need to start listening to what we tell our children about standing up for yourself and treating others with respect. We are never too old to practice what we may have told our ten-year-old-selves.

And, remember to be kind to yourself. When your health is struggling, and you’re looking for answers, don’t be too hard on yourself. I know some folks who feel bad that they didn’t find help sooner, but the truth is that we don’t know what we don’t know. The key is to never give up. Just like the 10-year-old at a soccer match, never give up on yourself. It might feel silly to see yourself like a kid, but it can be helpful and encouraging. Remember: Be Kind. Keep trying.

Surviving Mosquito Season

Seattle has definitely hit the record high for rainfall, the endless soggy weather for winter 2015-2016.

Spring is now upon us, trees are blooming, the grass is growing and so are those runny noses, swollen red eyes from allergies.

Allergies are miserable and frustrating. Pollen, aches and pain have arrived again and the scariest of all is the warm weather, which puts small creatures like the mosquito is back in action. Mosquitoes that hibernate need warm weather to become active, while mosquitoes that spend the winter as eggs need rainfall to flood the eggs and make them hatch.

Since Mosquitos loves me and my kids, those tiny bites are brutal. They itch like crazy, then turns into a big red inflamed patch. Takes days to clear up. Finally bouncing around the chair itching the bite I use Ultra Potent Ping On Ointment – an effective mosquito repellent and stops itching. Before you get out there, apply the Ping On Ointment so you won’t itch, it’s that season. I have noticed a lot of media about different virus that is from mosquito like dengue fever and Zika Virus.

Dengue fever is an acute infectious disease caused by a virus and transmitted by the yellow fever mosquito. It usually occurs in tropical or subtropical climates. Varies the Zika Virus spreads through mosquito bites.

Using traditional Chinese diagnostics and herb therapy, the results are better than using modern drug therapy (no specific therapy).

Let’s prevent all the itching and the virus transmission (that is why I recommend Ping On Ointment).

In Wellness,