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The Secret Health Expert


How did you find out about Hen Sen Herbs? I found them through my Mom after struggling for a year to find a solution for my Toddler’s constipation. The experts I saw ranged from very specialized Pediatric Gastroenterologist to a Naturopath to a Homeopath and none of them could help. I kept a journal of everything she ate, and every supplement she took for nine months until I met Juli.

One of the first things she said was, “You have to feed her vegetables.” Of course, I had been told by the experts all along that I fed my daughter one of the best diets they had ever seen, full of whole grains and organic foods. When Juli spoke the truth, I knew it in my gut, and I didn’t like it, because that meant that I was failing my child, and that the meals I had prepared for her were in fact lacking. The pain she was in from constipation was enough to make me let go of my pride and humbly follow Juli’s prescription for herbs, tea, tummy rubs, and exercise and diet changes.

Within two weeks, my daughter was starting to feel better. After 6 months, she was almost back to normal with her intestines doing their job daily. Now, almost 4 years later, she doesn’t remember the “medicine tea” we fed her with a tincture dropper or the daily tummy rubs she needed to poop. She loves to eat vegetables and doesn’t believe me when I tell her that we used to have to feed her only a plate with vegetables first to get her to eat them before we served up the rest of her meal.

What I have learned from Juli is much more than just the truth that we all need to eat more vegetables, and that is the power of listening to your body. We are the best health experts for us! For our family, we all have benefited from this simple truth. When my kids have a tummy ache or head ache, I first ask them if they know why. At 8 and 6-years-old they both know if they haven’t eaten good foods or drank enough water.

First, we much learn from healers like Juli who have studied traditional Chinese medicine her whole life and learned from the best. And, once we have a good foundation for how to help our body, we are the only ones who can listen. Wishing you a well 2015!


Holli Margell, Editor

Yunnan Paiyao – The Miracle Pill

Yunnan Paiyao - The Miracle Pill

As many of you may already know, one of our best selling products at Hen Sen Herbs is the Yunnan Baiyao capsules, plaster, and powder. But what you may not know is the many healing qualities it possess, and the fascinating history that comes along with it.

For those who are asking “What is Yunnan Paiyao?” Yunnan Paiyao is an old Chinese remedy that was used as first-aid for any kind of traumatic injury or internal bleeding. Whether someone has a small cut, bruise, swelling, a serious wound from gun shots, an internal injury from car accidents or fighting, or bleeding from surgery and stomach ulcers. One may simply pour the Yunnan Paiyao power on to the cut and/or swallow the power or capsules.

This medicine was developed by Qu Huangzhang in 1902. Yunnan Paiyao is so strong that it is designated as one of two Class-1 protected traditional medicines. To claim on its effectiveness, In the Taierzhuang Battle of 1938, between Chinese and Japanese forces, army commander Wu Xuexian was seriously injured in his right leg. The French hospital in Kunming (capital of Yunnan) recommended amputation to save Wu’s life. Wu turned to Qu for help, and to everyone’s surprise, recovered without the need for an amputation. Yunnan Paiyao gained the reputation as a miracle remedy. After the death of Qu, his wife, Liao Lanying, donated the secret prescription to the government.

Yunnan Paiyao has many healing properties but most general use is to treat bleeding. The powder is sometimes applied to a narrow open bleeding wound in an attempt to “lacquer” the edges together, one must be able to hold together the edges of the wound long enough that the blood does not wash away the applied powder. Other uses in internal medicine include bleeding of the gastrointestinal system, stomach ulcer, stomach cancer, tuberculosis, bronchiectasis, lung cancer, nose bleeds, and chronic sinus inflammation. Yunnan Baiyao has also claimed to promote normal blood circulation, reduce inflammation and swelling, and alleviate pain. It is suggested for menstrual disorders such as dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, or excessive menstrual bleeding.

Not only does Yunnan Paiyao help humans but it is also used to help animals as well. Many veterinarians use Yunnan Paiyao as a natural medicine for dogs that are afflicted with cancers that are linked with bleeding, like internal hemangiosarcomas. Sometimes the treatments for cancer, chemotherapy, and drugs may increase bleeding tendencies. It is believed to work by activating the platelets, which are the small blood components that help make blood clot. Blood clots are the first step in a scab. Yunnan Paiyao taken by mouth has been shown to decrease liver bleeding in lab animals. Similarly, it has been shown to decrease bleeding times in ponies who took it orally, the same was shown for rabbits. It also works when the powder is applied to a bleeding surface.

In conclusion Yunnan Paiyao is a magical pill. Its many healing properties can cure almost anything, from a paper cut to surgery. Yunnan Baiyao is a great “just in case” product to have. The history behind Yunnan Paiyo proves its effectiveness, and it is safe to use for animals. As you can see Yunnan Paiyao is the best naturopathic pill to use.

– Shaila Suleman

The Tao Of Heaven And Earth – How To Live A Life Without The Struggle

Email from Mark Corey on Tao

I’ve been reading books lately that describe the power of lining “you” up with “You”.

In other words, the you here in this body on earth with the “You” in the spirit world from where we are projecting this reality. I did a 5 minute meditation at work yesterday that gave me some instant power and rejuvenation. So the Tao of Heaven and Earth makes sense to me. One of the interesting things in the book I’m reading now is that, everything that we desire, health, love, wealth, bliss, immortality, everything is downstream not upstream. The struggle is not necessary. The paddling upstream to reach our goals is what exhausts us. We only need to let go of the oars and let our boat turn around and the stream will take us there. (Reminds me of Lao Tzu, be like water).

If we align ourselves with our true self in heaven, all of that bliss already exists. We only have to allow it to become reality instead of blocking it. (Reminds me of blocked chi). So our true nature is one of immortality (reminds me of Jesus). So why all the struggle and blocking? To learn? For a challenge? Because we got lost a little bit? Why all of this action to get where we want to go? The books I’ve been reading say: All of the action in the world can’t take us there. Alignment with our true selves takes us there. Then, after we’re there (aligned with our true, heavenly, immortal Self) then we experience joy and creation with our actions……..

I just thought some magic pills would be nice too.

By the way, here are the books I like:

Thanks again!
See you later
Mark Corey

Happy New Year From Juli

Happy New Years!!!

Isn’t it amazing how fast times goes by? If I had to describe my 2014, it has been a very emotional year and lots of soul searching. Here are a few things that we all should work on:

1. Exercise: Exercise makes all of our internal organs harmonize. Eat fresh foods and foods with lots of fiber. Only when your organs function normally can your body be balanced and stay healthy.

2. Enjoy the happiness within: I was once told that life doesn’t start until we are 60 years old. This chapter of my life, I have to create a balance of work and my family life. After a busy day of work, I like to drink tea, relax and enjoy my beautiful family or go shopping. Nurturing your inner happiness builds your character and prolongs your life. Having time away from electronics is crucial. That means no texting, TV, DS, etc. during your relaxation time. I love puzzles and you might too.

3. Get close to nature: Nature nurtures the soul and makes you feel the balance with the world.
Humans can do remarkable things, we can turn weeds to garden, turn nothing to something, pennies into a fortune. Let us treat each other with respect because we only have one life, one health and while we take care of ourselves we also protect the world we live in.

4. Harmony: My biggest secret to nourishing life is harmony. When dealing with events and people, be humble, be kind, be generous, be grateful and behave harmoniously. My father says to be proper and must have respect for yourself and others.

Get Inspired , create yourself a healthy lifestyle and stand strong. Smile and be proud of yourself of all that you have accomplished this past year, and look forward to how great this 2015 will be – amazing!
I bow to you with great respect.