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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Day: One Day At A Time

Here we go again. The year 2014 is almost over. It is literally disappearing before my eyes just like an ice cream melting in the hot summer day in a 3-year-old girl’s hands. She loses most of the ice cream partially because it melts faster than she can eat it, but mostly because she is distracted by her surroundings, or even worse she drops the ice cream on the ground because she doesn’t pay attention at all to way she holds the cone. She tilts the cone. Ice cream falls off. A few seconds later she notices the ice cream is gone and bursts into tears. We all witness a incident like this all the time at the theme park in summer.


When it comes to the way we handle the time given in one particular year, we are no different from the little girl with an ice cream. We waste most of it. We don’t treat it like the most valuable thing in the world. We don’t keep track nor pay attention to it, so we don’t even know where the time went. It’s time down the drain with little accomplishment. I don’t know about you. Maybe you understand how precious the time is and discipline yourself to spend the time only on the things you love to do. But many of us are either busy running unimportant chores or sitting around and doing nothing. And by nothing, I mean watching TV or surfing the web or whatever for hours without any specific purpose or goals. And the worst part is we don’t even realize we lost the time. What can we do about this?

One of the things you can do to prevent this from happening is to plan your day at the very beginning of the day, preferably do it the night before, so that you know exactly what you are going to be doing from the get-go the next day. No wasting time. In my opinion it’s best to combine a planning with meditation. The reason is that it will give you a chance to reflect on your own life and find our what it is that you truly love to accomplish in your life, instead of just being stuck in a rut and doing only the things you have to do, or worse yet what others expect you to do.

My life is a typical example of this. I turned 44 in August, and I was shocked to realize that I am almost half way through my 40’s. Last I checked, I was still 40. “What happened? Where did my time go?” I thought to myself. It felt like I lost 4 years in one year. Losing 4 lb. in 1 week would be very exciting to many, but no one would be excited about losing time like I did. What I mean is that I don’t remember doing anything meaningful or just plain fun in the last 4 years. I have been just busy running around, and completely neglected to nourish my soul with the things I love to do like photography and baking bread. So, before you plan your day, it’s always good idea to look deep inside of you through meditation and ask yourself what truly makes you happy. Incorporate it into your daily schedule.

Simplified version of ideal planning should go something like this: Meditate 15 – 20 minutes at night in the quiet area and ask how you can make your life fulfilling. Then spend another 10 – 15 minutes to list all the things you should do or have to do. And go through the each item on the list and ask yourself if they are aligned with your passion, and more importantly to see if they are going to help you achieve the kind of your life you want. If so, go ahead and incorporate them into your daily plan. If not, they should not be included in your agenda, or have someone else do it.


One thing I realized when it comes to planning and scheduling is that it is hard to list the things that you want to accomplish in the period of 10-15 minute. The harder you try, the more blank your mind becomes. Solution? Use your smart phone! Whenever I come up with an idea or a task during the day, I immediately enter into the calendar that is synced with my Google calender. I don’t initially allocate specific time for each tasks. So, when I look at the actual calendar at the end of the day, I have so many tasks overlapping in one hour time slot. I simply spread them out in appropriate time slots in Google Calendar on my computer. Next day, all I need to do is follow my calendar. It’s automatic. It’s like having a boss yelling and forcing you to get things done which is very effective for me.

If you carry around a traditional day planner, that’s even better! Something about writing on the paper with a pen makes each task much more meaningful and somehow registers in your brain much better than with an electronic device. Still, the concept is the same. So, get ahead and get in the habit of planning your day and get the most out of your life!!

Kaz Isogai

Maintaining Health This Winter

In Traditional Chinese Medicine our health has close ties linked with nature.  In the spirit of healing with the seasons, winter is one of two most extreme seasons and the toughest to maintain health.

Within the 5 elements, the element water is the winter season. Water is an element capable of stillness or momentum. Simply be still and quiet, retire early and get up with the sunrise, which is later in winter. Preparing stew and soups with winter’s root vegetables such as turnip, carrots and rutabaga are ideal. It is very important to cook healthy comfort foods and warm fluids during the cold season. By making the appropriate dietary and lifestyle changes advised according to the seasons, it’s possible to prevent illness. 

On our website there is the cold and flu regimen as well as an explanation of the UPR Pills that teaches Why the Lungs matter. I encourage you all to read it.

Every December is a time I review the lessons my father pass

ed down to me, because it is the month of my father’s passing. I am still treating my heart, keeping it warm and safe. I miss my father dearly, and I continue staying strong and taking good care of myself and all family and friends as well. As we celebrate the end of 2014 and welcome the coming New Year, take a moment review the good lessons that the year has taught to you and implement it.  Happiness to all of you and warm hugs.


Superstars of Hen Sen Herbs

Let us introduce you to the newest members of our Hen Sen Herb Team:

Juli, Thomas, Shaila

Juli, Thomas, Shaila

My name is Shaila Suleman and I am the new employee for Hen Sen Herbs. As some of you may know already, I started working here on October 28th. To get to know me a little more, I am 20 years old and have many different passions. Those passions include music, art, hiking, being outdoors, and just over all trying new things.

Musically, I love playing the ukulele, guitar, and drum. I’m a beginner with ukulele, but so far I can play 8 songs (ukulele is pretty easy anyway). On the guitar, I have written some original songs and have been playing for 6 years. Although I don’t play the usual drum kit, I do play the djembe drum, which is a drum from Africa that has a really deep base (its super cool).

I enjoy many different forms of art such as dancing, crafting, jewelry making, and painting. I love being outside whether its hiking Rattle Snake Ledge or enjoying a rainy day in Seattle. I am open to trying new things and having new experiences. My philosophy is to do and try anything (within reason) because it makes life more enjoyable and exciting!
I look forward to learning more about natural healing, herbs, and living a healthy life style.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you all stay warm and healthy!

Shaila Suleman

Thomas has been helping Juli packaging herbs for a while now at Hen Sen Herbs. He was a crab fisherman in Alaska before. He is good with people, works hard and is very talented in many different areas such as yard work, painting, plumbing, even cooking! He can do it all. I don’t know if he can sing and dance well though, we will may find out soon!

How To Survive Holiday Foods

With the holiday season comes a reason to eat with family and friends. From Thanksgiving to New Years Even parties, these feasts and gatherings are full of rich, sweet foods. Decadent foods are such a fun way to celebrate, but they aren’t fun when they cause bloating, gas and constipation.

How do you balance the temptation and celebration treats? There are several options. The first is to simply avoid it all. Eat before you go to any event and just drink water. Another tactic is to have one splurge event to pig out and eat everything and then be prudent and only eat from the veggie tray for the rest of the parties. The tactic I like to use is to keep balance in mind.

To date, I have not had the pleasure of hosting a holiday meal during winter. The one year that I did host, my brother in law made us sushi rolls. He had started working for a Sushi restaurant in California and was excited to share what he had learned with us. That meal was tasty, healthy, and all I had to do was buy ingredients and cook up rice. For all of the other events our family attends, I bring some healthy options.

Ever since I started coming to Hen Sen Herbs, my family focuses on balance in our diet. For every treat, I have my kids eat a serving of vegetables. The idea is that everything that goes in has to come out, so we must eat our vegetables to help it all get out! While my friends and family don’t know I think of it that way, they enjoy seeing what I come up with that’s a vegetable option rather than cookies or pies. I bring a big salad or veggie tray or sometimes both!

My first year navigating the holiday season knowing about the need for balance, I created a veggie dip from Zucchini, which was a sneaky way of getting my kids to eat more vegetables without knowing it. And, I didn’t tell anyone until they asked what it was made out of – everyone was pleasantly surprised. What is it they say, “necessity is the mother of invention?” Well, that is the case with this dip. Perhaps it will inspire you to become the veggie person at your parties?

Wishing you wellness as we celebrate the end of 2014!

Recipe: Zucchini Dip

1 Medium Zucchini
1 Table Spoon fresh squeezed Lemon juice
1 Table Spoon Olive Oil
1/4 Teaspoon Salt
1 Handful (just shy of a cup) Cilantro Leaves (the less stem the less potential for stem strings in the sauce)

Wash and cut the Zucchini into 1 inch or smaller rounds, place in blender. Add washed Cilantro leaves, Olive Oil, Lemon Juice and Salt. It may fill up the blender to about the 3 cup level. Blend on high for about 2 minutes or until smooth, and you will have about 1/2 cup of fresh raw dip. You can add more or less of these ingredients to suit your taste.

Flavor: Adding a few shallots or a bit of grated ginger will add some spice and stronger flavor to this recipe.

Yields: 1/2 cup fresh dip. You can simply multiply the ingredients to produce more.

Shelf Life: Keeps in the refrigerator for about 3 days or until it starts to turn from a bright green to yellow. Since it’s so easy to make, we usually eat it up within 2 days.