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The Fastest And The Most Effective Way To Find A Cure For Your Chronic Illness

They say that the shortest and the fastest way to get from point A to point B is a straight line. Anyone can draw a straight line on a piece of paper or map trying to figure out the shortest distance between where you are and where you want to go. And we have no problem guessing how far you have to travel simply by measuring the length of the line on the map. If you use an online mapping service like Google map, it even tells you the estimated time to get to your destination. But in reality, it is not as simple as drawing a straight line on a piece of paper.

Unless you can fly like a bird, own a private helicopter ready to take off from your roof top, ride on the laser guided missile, or dig a straight underground tunnel, it is impossible to transport yourself in a straight line through a busy city landscape. So we travel by a car, on foot, on bicycle or any available means of transportation, and compromise to on the route which you think is faster and cheaper than the other options. But it is never the fastest or the shortest.

Life like a map, there are no straight lines.

Life like a map, there are no straight lines.

Some of you may commute on the public transportation simply because of economic reasons. You may walk half a mile to bus stop, wait for a while, get on the bus, pay a fee, make yourself through the crowd of obnoxious commuters who may make your life on the bus miserable. And you may even have to transfer several times to get to the final destination. Driving a car is another option. It comfortable and convenient compared to public transportation, but the price you pay can be higher due to extreme stress trying to navigate through a bad traffic in a shortest possible distance. Some hard core cyclists commute 20 – 25 miles each way on the bike in rain or shine purely for the purpose of the fitness. Not surprisingly, the time one spends in the rough weather can be really tough and long.

The point I am trying to make here is that no matter what type of transportation you choose, it is impossible to travel in a straight line without obstruction. No matter what route you take, you still need to make many turns, make multiple stops at the traffic lights, possibly get stuck in a traffic, take a detour or share a ride with other tired irritable commuters in a tight space and the list goes on. In other words, there is always a price to pay in order to get to your final destination whether it is a emotional, physical, time or monetary.

Seeking a cure for the illness is just like trying to figure out the fastest way to commute from home to work in the busy city. There is usually substantial cost associated with it. Here is what I mean: Almost everyone who is afflicted with some kind chronic illness has gone through so many different types of treatment methods, diet systems, exercise programs, dietary supplements, emotional ups and downs and countless trials and errors, trying to find a cure for their ailment. Just when your health shows the sign of improvement, all of a sudden it takes an unexpected turn and your health starts to deteriorate again. You wonder why nothing is working and keep on trying something new and different.

Let me use my recent experience with hemorrhoid problem as an example to illustrate this. Some of you already know, from my past article, my journey trying to find a cure for the hemorrhoid. But bear with me for a little and pay attention to what I am trying to tell you because it is very important for anyone who is trying to find a cure for chronic illness. It is the closest thing to getting to the destination in a straight line. The fastest way – a straight line from point A to point B. No turns. No detours.

Over past several years, my stress level has almost quadrupled because of my extremely busy schedule in both personal and business life. I have been beaten up both physically and mentally without knowing how bad it has gotten. Last summer, I started develop some kind of chronic hemorrhoid condition. I admit I had a very minor issue with it in the past, but it was always easily treatable with good diet and herbs before. So, I approached the problem with the same attitude and method as before, yet this time it got progressively worse to the point of mental breakdown. Sometimes the pain was so severe I would have to lie in my bed face down, tears in my eyes, moaning and cursing as long as my body can tolerate the pain. The pain usually went away gradually after several hours of suffering. In some cases I had to depend on over the counter pain killer, which I really tried to stay away from so that I could at least sleep for 2-3 hours before the sunrise.

Occasionally the condition would get reasonably better to the point where at least the pain was not an issue. I could almost see the light at the end of the tunnel. I would tell myself, “ This is it. I can finally tame the beast.” Then all of a sudden, it would make a 180 degree turn and the hemorrhoid and pain would get hold of my life again. I kept my diet very well, tried many things including the herbs Juli prescribed and many other natural products. Nothing really helped. My mother in law even told me to use steroid based medication which of course I refused outright. I kept on looking for an answer outside as if someone else held magical cure for my hemorrhoid. I tried everything and looked everywhere…EXCEPT INSIDE OF ME.

One day, as I was reading a book, the idea suddenly came to me out of nowhere. It hit me like a ton of bricks on my head. I figured it out what was wrong with ME. I finally found the answer. It was like looking for a lost key for a longest time and end up finding it my own pocket. I had been so busy and stressed, and I have never spent a minute to have a private conversation with myself. I realized that I’ve been doing only the “I HAVE TO DO”, things and the, “I SHOULD DO”, “WHAT’S BEST FOR MY FAMILY” and none of the things “I LOVE TO DO”. I realized I have been very unhappy.

I have been pretending to be happy. Most importantly, I realized that I have been unknowingly building up a STRESS ticking bomb inside of me like a volcano that was about to erupt. My hemorrhoid was like a growing lava dome inside the volcano. The only thing that prevented it from exploding was a proper diet and the herbs Juli prepared for me.

I still have a long way to go before it is completely healed, and finding a time for the thing “I love to do” is not a easy task. But I know now that I can control the hemorrhoid simply by reducing the level of stress (growing lava dome) before it gets out of control. Engaging in fun exercise is one of the ways to reduce the stress. For me, playing soccer, swimming and playing tennis are some of my favorite activities.

They say that the level of stress can be measured by the level of hormone called cortisol in the body. There are many helpful articles out there about the relationship between stress and cortisol and what can be done to reduce it. So folks, if you are like me and have developed some kind of chronic ailment, please take your time to find activities or exercise that can help reduce the stress before it’s too late.

Oh, by the way, in case you are wondering how I finally realized what my real problem was, I will tell you the easiest way to do it, because your bottom-line cause of chronic illness may or may not be stress related.

Once you follow this simple technique, you will learn how to talk to your inner self and find how to get from point A to point B, in a straight line. In other words, you will find the solution to your nagging persistent problem in the shortest period of time. No detours.

Here is how to do it:

Find a quite dark place where no one bother you.

Sit comfortably and close your eyes.
Focus on your breathing, nothing else for as long as you can (Preferably, more than 10 minutes).

Then listen to your body and find out what it is telling you.

It is an oversimplified version of a meditation technique. As a disclaimer, I am not an expert at all on this matter. It just so happens that it works for my own purpose which consist of two main goals: 1. To regain energy and rejuvenate the mind and the body, 2. To find my true self.

If you are beginner like me, don’t worry. Just close your eyes and focus on your breathing for 5 minutes. Do it everyday and see where it takes while you search for a good book on the subject or a true master of meditation. You will be amazed by the positive result you receive from this exercise.

– Kaz Isogai

Maintaining Your Yin Yang Balance This Holiday Season

Yin and Yang applies to the human body. In traditional Chinese medicine good health is directly related to the balance between Yin and Yang qualities within oneself. If yin and yang become unbalanced, one of the qualities is considered deficient or has vacuity (empty). I believe this applies to our body, our nature and our moral judgement.

Yin and Yang are bound together as parts of a mutual whole, equal bound of white and black. To turn black to white, it takes a massive amount of white. To turn negative to positive, it take a massive amounts of positives. 

For this coming Holiday, let’s create within ourselves a positive and joyful one. Create a long range goal, or a dream. What do you want to be? Where do you want to go?  Do you have an economic plan? Create it for yourself, for your family, for the ones you care for. Start with a short range goal and make your long range dream come true. 
As the saying goes: “Failure to plan, plans to fail.”

And, as always, I want to remind you – If you are planning a huge feast, remember to only eat until you are 70% full. Make sure we share, and most importantly, take our Taifu Plus (digestive enzyme), #9 (Colon Cleanse) and E15 (extra strength detox) during the rich holiday meals. What goes in must come out! 


A Deeper Look At Gratitude

Every November, our friends and family start talking about gratitude. Some make gratitude pledges and commit to finding one thing to be grateful for each day. Others send Thanksgiving cards. These things are good and a wonderful way to commemorate the month, but have you ever taken a deeper look at what you have to be grateful for?

This past fall has been full of loss for me. A close friend and mentor died suddenly in September. My Aunt who was like a second Mom to me growing up is battled cancer and lost it only a few days ago. These two people have helped me become the person I am today, and that got me thinking about gratitude. There are many others of course, but they got me really thinking about my life.

Friends and family come and go, whether to disease and death or from a move and losing touch, but we are all part of the story of our lives. Each and every one of us has played a part in the story of another. While pondering this idea, I realized I have many people to thank for being key characters in my story.

There is the friend who was like a brother to me. When I first started working after going to school, I was motivated to work hard and achieve success. My job was related to sales, and that was an opportunity to measure and see goals achieved. I started out doing really well, and then my sales lagged. I felt awful, like a failure. My friend told me point blank after I vented to him about being not good enough, “You are not your job. Your job is just that, a job. It does not define who you are.” At first, I felt a little frustrated that he just didn’t get it.

Days later, I realized my friend was right. We are more than our jobs. And, I will be forever grateful to my friend for making me realize that, even if I didn’t let the truth sink in until several hours later.

There are people in our lives who help us just when we need it. They help shape us into who we are today. I’ve been thinking a lot about how we are all a part of each other’s stories. So, when we lose someone we love, they are physically gone, but they live on in the story of our lives.

This month, I will be looking deeper into what I’m grateful for, and the people that have been a part of my story. I plan on writing them a thank you note! What about you? Is there someone you can thank today?