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Confession Of A Middle Aged Man

Last month, I did something really bad. It’s so bad that it brought shame and disgrace to my family. I know I shouldn’t have done it. It caused my wife and children great sorrow and pain. I know my family became a laughing stock of the neighborhood because of me. I don’t blame them if they treated me like some kind of criminal. I deserved it. I wish I could take it back, but I can’t. Damage has already been done.

It was supposed be a one-time affair that no one needed to know about. When this affair was all over, things should have gone back to normal, like nothing ever happened. We would still be an honorable member of our neighborhood. At first my plan seemed to be working. No one seemed to notice anything except for a strange smell around the front yard where I committed the sin. But by the 3rd day, I was no longer able to hide it. It became very obvious to my family, that something horrible was happening.

To tell you the truth I actually discussed my intention openly with my wife a few days prior to my horrendous act of treason. It made her furious of course. She could not believe that I was even considering breaking the vow and jeopardizing our relationship with mother nature. She didn’t think I was going to do it, but I did it anyway. As you can imagine, things got really ugly. I mean embarrassingly UGLY….

My front yard used to be green and beautiful, but it is completely brown and dry now all because of my stupid decision to use a weed killer to get rid of the weeds. The weedkiller I am referring to is Round Up. It was formulated to kill only the weeds, not the lawn. But that’s not what happened. It killed the weeds almost immediately and slowly killed the lawn too, over the course of one week. (By the way it reminds me of chemo therapy that supposed to kill cancer cells but not the healthy ones…..hmm.) And guess what, despite their claim that it will prevent weeds from coming back for 4 months, clovers are coming back with a vengeance while the lawn is still dead (Well, I guess once it’s dead, dead forever).

But I must say that ‘Round Up’ seems to work really well on dandelions. They withered and died easily. There is no sign of coming back anytime soon. So if someone ever held you at gun point and forced you to use the Round up against your will, I suggest you spray it only on the ones that are growing in the cracks in your drive way so that you don’t kill other plants. Plus, the negative impact on the environment is minimal since you can spray small amount directly on dandelions to be effective. Don’t get me wrong, I am not endorsing Round Up or any kind of weedkiller. Use it only if someone threatens to kill you if you don’t use a weed killer. I think it is really dangerous to humans especially to kids who love playing on the lawn. Chemicals from a weedkiller may cause them to have serious health problems. This is exactly why my wife was strongly against using it. After all it is a weed KILLER. It kills lives of other plant as well. Don’t you think it’s dangerous for humans too? Some people may argue that vinegar kills weeds too. But as you know that you can consume vinegar without getting yourself sick, unless you drink a gallon of it. Now I dare you to drink a teaspoon of Round Up. Would you drink it? Of course not.

Angry kids!

Angry kids!

If you know any technique or methods that would prevent weeds from growing back or at least limit the their growth naturally, please email or write to 13256 NE 20th St. Ste 3A Bellevue, WA 98005. Thank you.

Kaz Isogai

P.S. Check out this article – Roundup found in Human Urine!

Embrace The Fire Of The Season

It’s Summer – lets fire it up! Take the time to embrace the heat, but nourish the body with 8 cups of water a day to stay hydrated, increase your outdoor activity and find your inner happiness. Remember, it only takes 10-15 minutes of sun exposure three times a week for sufficient Vitamin D.

What is Fire? Fire is one element of the five elements within Chinese medicine theory. The Five Elements show us how the structures and systems in our bodies are connected to each other; how we are connected to our environment and the natural world.

Here is how each Element is related to every season and a major organ in the body:

Season – Element – Organ
Summer: Fire: Heart
In Between: Earth: Spleen
Fall: Metal: Lung
Spring: Wood: Liver
Winter: Water: Lung

Summer is the element of Fire, the time of heat, growth, warmth and increased light. The element of Fire relates to the body organs of the Heart and Small Intestine. Therefore, a Fire personality may have a disposition for heart problems, such as heart attack or may have experience with digestive problems. Fire types must avoid Alcoholic beverages that heat (over stimulate) the liver. Liver (wood) excess is a false way to empower the heart and causes imbalance between the Heart (fire) and Liver (wood). Heart illness and fire imbalance can often be seen as often getting red in the face or having too red of a complexion. Trouble in the Small Intestine show up as digestive problems.

Our Herbal Profile this month, Huang Qin. In the Taifu and Taifu Plus formulas, Huang Qin is combined with Dang Gui to create a great combination for prevention of heart and digestion problems. Dang Gui creates harmony of the heart, liver and spleen meridian. Protect our heart by eating and drinking wisely. Take Taifu or Taifu Plus and have fun.

We will talk more about the five elements and the body organs next month. For now, remember to stay hydrated, enjoy the outdoors, but don’t get to much sun or overheat the body.

Love, Juli

Why We Need To Follow The Rules We Set Up For Kids

Isn’t it funny that even as grown ups we need to be reminded to take better care of ourselves? We set up rules to keep kids safe, and help them to grow healthy, but we don’t always follow them ourselves. I was humbly reminded of this fact in my own life recently. My kids are taking swimming lessons at the first level – basically learning how to float, put their face in the water and do some basic swimming strokes.

Well, after the first day, we decided that since there is a half hour between their classes, they could sit in the hot tub next to the pool. The rules are that you must stay within arm’s length of your child if they cannot swim yet or are under age 7. Both my kids fall under this rule. So, I was standing there chatting with some other moms while my eyes were on my kids. Both of them were happily sitting next to where I was standing and played with the bubbles. Then, my daughter ventured across the hot tub, slipped and fell into an almost floating position on her back. Her face looked frantic as she tried to reach the edge of the tub for support. She was struggling so hard that she couldn’t scream, and I saw that the water was rising around her mouth and eyes, so I lunged forward, stepped into the tub fully dressed, slipped toward her end of the hot tub and caught myself while picking her up with the other arm. Thankfully, she was not traumatized by the experience, but exclaimed that I was the best life guard! There were about a dozen parents encircling the tub before this happened, and afterward a few of them said they were sorry they didn’t notice her struggle at all. It wasn’t their responsibility, and I was humbly reminded that I must follow the rules and make my kids do the same.

Helmets keep our kids safe.

Helmets keep our kids safe.

As I sat there on the bleachers watching my son during his swimming lesson, I felt humbled in my soaking wet jeans. And, I realized how important rules are in life. They keep us safe. But, some rules are just guidelines and strong suggestions like wearing a helmet or crossing the street using a crosswalk. When it comes to health, there are even more rules and guidelines. One of them that doesn’t seem to change no matter what health care practitioner you seek, is sleep. We can all agree that we need enough sleep to function.

Sleep is the one thing I am most guilty of – I get my kids to bed on time, but stay up too late working and pay for it often for longer than just the next day. I usually get sick after too many late nights. It’s like my immune system gives up and I catch whatever cold is going around. So, I have put a lot of thought and some research into how to form good habits that stick with you. I’ve read some of the work done by the Director of the Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab, BJ Fogg. His job is to figure out how to persuade people and study what motivates them. It’s very interesting to read about how it comes down to our natural laziness. The more I thought about it, I realized I do like to be what I call “efficient” and get things done in less time. That doesn’t work with sleep. I can’t get the same amount of rest in 5 hours that I would get from 8.

What BJ Fogg suggests is to look at the little things that might stand in your way from doing the things you want to do. For example, I need to get more sleep every night. The things that stand in my way are work, housework, or poking around and reading on the internet. Those are all three different things that tend to keep me from going to bed before 12am. I really should be in bed by 10pm. So, I’ve thought about each thing and have decided to do them at different times of the day. And, I’ve used them in a certain order to motivate myself. By rearranging when I do those things, I’ve removed the blocks that keep me from my goal.

Now, it wasn’t easy to go to bed earlier since my mind was still used to being busy at that hour. But, after about 3 days, my body adjusted to the new schedule. Some people need to read before going to sleep. I like to write to-do lists for the next day. It helps me relax and know that I don’t have to think about everything I need to do because I’ve already got it written down.

Here is How You Can Make Good Habits:

  1. Identify what’s keeping you from doing those things you want to be doing. For example, flossing your teeth, going to the gym or drinking more water.
  2. Find a way to remove those blocks whether is buying the right tools, clothing or placing them where they can be helpful. For example, I have heard of someone putting their gym clothes and running shoes next to their bed at night.
  3. Take the baby steps toward your good habit. For someone who wants to go running every day, they might just try running every morning for 10 minutes, and then build up endurance before doing it longer.
  4. Give yourself 3 days to adjust to your new habit. It might be hard the first day and the second, but by the third it may start to get just a little easier.

To Good Health,
Holli Margell, Editor