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Watch Out! Real Criminals Are Still Out there To Get You


If someone asked me what I love eating the most, I would have to say a good loaf of bread makes it in the top 10 list of the foods I love eating. I love it so much that I shamelessly admit that I am addictied to bread. I think about bread all day and dream of bread while I sleep. In fact I bake bread 2-3 times a week to feed my addiction. Though bread may or may not be at the top of the list of foods I love, I definitely cannot live without it. At least I would be very sad and depressed if bread were to cease to exit tomorrow. That would be the end of the world for me.

When low-carb diet was in a few years back, bread and carb in general were considered evil food that makes you gain weight. So many people ate their sandwiches without bread, hamburgers without buns, pizzas without crust, steaks without potatoes and salad without croutons. I thought people were crazy! People were treating bread like some kind of criminal. In my opinion bread was singled out and was wrongly accused of the crime they didn’t commit. People used bread as scapegoat. They were blaming bread for their excess weight, and other bad eating habits and lifestyles were simply ignored. Real criminals were still out there making people fat and unhealthy day after day. So you’d better watch out!

Next month I will try to explain the difference between good bread and bad bread in terms of health. I’ll also show you how to bake a good loaf of bread.


How To Make Great Things Happen

There is a saying, “It takes a little change at a time and soon you will see great things happen.”
What does a little change mean to you?

Over the years, I have made little changes to guide me through stress, rather then to react to stress. I look upon myself to see how I can make matters better. We hear over and over how our spirit, mind and body has to be in harmony. As humans we are flesh and warm blooded, our body needs to be cared for and making little changes helps great things happen.

An illness is very subtle before it becomes dramatic. A great healer is one who can prevent an illness, but the strong ones are my patients who are willing to drink the bitters herbs to become well. It is important to prevent the outcome of pain and suffering. There are two things that I am trained not to have an opinion about when it comes to illness.

The first thing is Stress. Whether it is emotional or physical, it is one I cannot judge. Emotional stress and physical stress cause suffering. There are times where only time can heal and no alcohol, no candy or chocolate or drugs can be the answer. These things only mask the problem and create another problem.

The second thing is virus and bacteria. They can be airborne or from contaminated food. One in 6 in Americans gets food poisoning and about 5,000 people die from food poisoning each year. If so many people have food poisoning each year, the only thing you can trust is what you do. We should always prepare our foods at home ideally organic and shying away from processed foods with all the additives and preservatives. Basic preparation for cooking vegetables with garlic and ginger kill any germs, bacteria and parasites. Did you know that we have a book : Keeping ourselves healthy with food, that gives you lots of great tools for health.

I believe what goes in must come out. That is why Taifu and #9 was created. They have been a staple to our patients and have prevented lots of illnesses. Patients have been taught of the Bland diet and prevented illnesses by following it as it allows the body to strengthen and heal. Changes you make now will benefit you later.

– Juli

How Can You Help Your Body Survive Allergies?

SpringBlossomsI pick my son up from his school bus stop every day. A few weeks ago, I waited for the bus with another Mom. She sounded horse and sniffled a few times. I asked if she had a cold. Her answer was no, it was allergies. She was on 2 types of allergy medications, so this was her at the best she could be with allergies. She suffers this badly for 6-8 weeks every Spring!

When I take my son to school every morning after that day, I found other mothers suffering from the season too! So, I was curious, how many people are battling allergies every year? According to Web MD, 55% of Americans suffer from allergies. That’s more than half of us! The only options for someone who have never heard of Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine is to take one or more medications and suffer the side effects of sleepiness and foggy memory.

At Hen Sen Herbs, we know that herbs, traditional soups, and teas help our body when they need extra support as the seasons change.
Here are 5 Easy Ways to Support Your Immune System in the Spring:

1. Get plenty of sleep. Yes, even if that means going to bed early.
2. Drink plenty of water. Staying hydrated is essential to every function in the body.
3. Eat nourishing meals. It’s easy to get carried away with Saint Patrick’s Day parties and Easter candy, but remember that you’re feeding your health.
4. Exercise regularly. I know it sounds boring, but really, we all need to move our bodies more. Sweating is good.
5. Check the weather. Most include a pollen count. If it is a bad pollen day, plan on staying indoors and clearning your nasal passage ways will help.

And don’t forget to enjoy the little moments that make you smile. Seeing the blossoms on the trees might make you sneeze, but they are a sign of more sunshine, warmth, and fun to have.