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Ridiculously Simple Ways To Bring Good Things to Your Life

I want you to get up and stand in front of the mirror right now. Yes, right now, not later. Don’t wait until you finish reading this article! I want you to go to the mirror immediately and look at yourself straight in the eyes and follow the steps 1-2-3.

How To Bring Good Things To Your Life:
1. Say to yourself, “I am the most beautiful woman (or the most handsome man) in the world.” You can use any positive words that describe your physical appearance. Say this affirmation at least 10 times or more while looking at yourself. You may feel uncomfortable at first, and do not believe what you say, but say it over and over until it make you feel good about yourself.
2. Ask yourself “How are you feeling?” Then answer, “I am feeling Great!” Repeat it 10 times or more. Again you can use any adjective that describes your positive emotions or feelings. No matter how tired or sleepy you are at the end of the day, never ever use the words like tired, exhausted, horrible and so on.
3. Lastly, say “I am strong and healthy. I will continue to eat healthy and live a healthy lifestyle.” Remember to repeat 10 times or more.

I bet you are already starting to feel a lot better than earlier! This is the power of suggestion. You can always make yourself feel better by simply feeding your mind positive words intentionally or even forcefully. You may not have control over your environment, the space surrounding you including the people you you interact with on a daily basis. You cannot control the incidents that directly or indirectly affect you. But remember, you always have control over your feeling no matter what people say or what happens to you.
Now what happens if you use negative suggestions instead? To illustrate the power of Negative suggestions, let’s look at the two interesting stories from the book, “Law of Success” by Napoleon Hill. They are both about how the negative use of suggestion affects your health and even causes death.

Many years ago, in France, a criminal was sentenced to death by guillotine, but rather than actually executing him, they conducted the experiment on him which conclusively proved that through the principle of suggestion, death could be produced.

Here is what they did: They brought the criminal to the guillotine and placed his head under the knife, after he had been blindfolded. Instead of a real knife, they dropped a heavy sharp edged plank on him, producing a shock similar to that of real knife. Then warm water was gently poured on his nick and allowed to trickle slowly down his spine to imitate the flow of warm blood. In seven short minutes, he was pronounced dead. The shock from the plank and the flow of the warm water caused him to believe, through the principle of suggestion, that he was dead, and stopped his heart shortly after.

The author also tells the story about the old lady who lived in the town where he grew up. This old lady constantly complained and talked about her fear of death from cancer. She feared cancer because during her childhood she had seen a woman who had cancer. The sight was so deeply ingrained in her mind that she began to look for the symptom of cancer in her own body even though she had none. She believed that every little ache and pain was the beginning of her cancer. The author actually saw her in person with her hand on her left breast, saying “Oh, I am sure I have a cancer growing here. I can feel it.” For more than 20 years, she kept her fear of the imaginary cancer – always with her hand on her left breast every time she complained about it. And she finally died with the cancer on her left breast.

Your doctor might have told you that you have “this disease” and “that illness”. And you may actually have that symptoms associated with them. But don’t ever let yourself believe that you are sick. Let alone believing that “this disease” and “that illness” are attacking your body and making you more sick. Instead, imagine that the army of your healthy cells are defeating the diseases and repairing your damaged cells little by little, every single day. And always focus on all the good and healthy things you can do for your body.

You become what you think of yourself. Your thinking and feelings are the only things you have 100% control over. So, start thinking positively from this moment on. Watch the words you use everyday. Don’t ever use negative words. Inevitably you are going to face negative emotions from time to time. That’s ok. You simply have to recognize it and admit that you are experiencing negative emotions at the moment. Take it in. Digest it. Then slowly release it. Don’t suppress it. Replace it with happy thoughts and positive words.

If you want to become a very positive healthy person, practicing the simple 3-step-exercise is a good place to start. It’s not a perfect formula, but it will lead you in the right direction. Reading a lot of self-help books is definitely a big step forward. Meditation, exercise, and laughing a lot…there are so many things you can do to help you stay positive. But whatever you do, you must give yourself a constant dose of positive thought on the daily basis.

You need to shower and brush your teeth everyday to stay clean, don’t you? Why not feed your mind positive thoughts everyday? Try it everyday for a few months, and you will notice significant improvement in every aspect of your life including your health. And I guarantee that more good things will come your way if you keep it up.

– Kaz isogai

Who Is Your Hero?

Who is your hero?
I would like to start the year with my hero. My hero is one that inspires me, makes the better of me, kicks my butt when I am going the wrong way and centers me.
All my life, my hero has been my father, who is also my teacher. He has taught me to be the best I can and that I am important._
My grandma had the power of knowing. She taught me health and was not polite in her way of teaching. When I don’t feel well, it was my fault. Since both my heroes have passed away, I keep to heart they’re teaching and I will pass on their teachings to my kids and patients.
To the present, my hero is my husband. As I was pregnant with our third child, my fourth, he’d say, one or two doesn’t make a difference, well it did. Got only two hands, third took extra hands. He keeps me centered with a sense of humor and picks me up when I am down.
Life seems like a fairy tale. Each chapter is different. I see life as a series of chapters where we grow wiser and better as we get older.
Happy New Year!!! Make this a year to remember and be a hero to someone. We all need some inspiration.
My wish for 2013, is for us to build a stronger connection to the ones we care for with strength and compassion.
Live life to the fullest!


Wins Are the Key To Keeping Your New Years Resolutions

Dear Readers,

Happy New Year! We’ve all probably seen friends and heard family talk about New Year’s Resolutions. Some of us have written or have started to write ours down. But, have you ever had trouble keep them through an entire year?

Sometimes writing New Years Resolutions can be a reminder of our failures. Yes, failures are painful but quite necessary in order to learn. Just think of a baby learning to walk. They fall down and keep trying until they get it. Somehow our American Culture teaches us to be afraid to fail once we’re able to walk. Well, let’s try to stop it. Look at those failures and your wins. They both help to guide you. Just like a child who learns to walk: each time they can spend standing up motivates them to take the first step.

Wins are a wonderful motivator. It helps you see that you can accomplish something. No matter how small, look at your wins and ask yourself, “How did I accomplish this?” Was it from the help of a friend, peer pressure, or passion? Now, you can use those clues to help you turn past failures into wins on the list for this year.

For me, I wanted to exercise more last year, and started out doing Hot Yoga. I loved how it made me feel afterward, but didn’t like how long it took me to get to class and get home afterward. Parking was always difficult, and if you were late, the door was locked. Sometimes I missed class altogether because of evening traffic. My goal was hard to keep. But, the wins – feeling good after class – made me want to try harder or find some other way to keep exercising.

One day last spring, a friend suggested that I go to a Zumba class with her that was in our neighborhood. I’m not a dancer, and wasn’t sure I would even like it. But, I went and was hooked. The class was not only fun, but also hard. I felt like a klutz seeing myself in the mirror as I tried to move my legs and arms in rythm with the insturctor. I pushed myself past feeling slightly embarassed by how I looked, and found that I really enjoyed how it felt to dance for an hour. And, as a bonus, I had no excuse for timing or lack of parking, because I can walk to class in less than 10 minutes! On days when I feel like staying home and sitting on the couch, I remind myself that I always feel better after class and I have no more parking excuses.

Maybe your New Years Resolutions don’t include exercise. That’s okay, and the same idea can help. Whatever your goals are for the New Year, we wish you success- remember your wins!

Holli Margell