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Giving Herbs to Children

When my daughter suffered from severe constipation at the age of 1 years old, I consulted the normal Medical Doctors. They couldn’t find anything wrong with here and prescribed a laxative for her to take until she was 10 years old. Once I decided that wasn’t a good solution, I continued to seek alternative heal care until I met with Juli at Hen Sen Herbs.

She prescribed a bland diet, abdominal massage and some herbal pills. The Hen Sen Herbal pills are tiny balls. They are very easy for an adult to swallow. But, I had trouble figuring out how to get my daughter to take them. First, I tried putting them into applesauce, thinking she’d swallow it that way. Then, I tried putting them into some juice, but the pills got stuck in her mouth and the longer they sat there the more the pills dissolved and the bitter taste of the herbs made her upset.

Crusing the pills up and giving them by dropper tool works for small children.

Crushed pills

Finally after a few days of struggling, I called Juli feeling very defeated and confessed that I could not get my daughter to take the herbs. She encouraged me and suggested crushing the pills up and giving them by a dropper like a tincture. I started putting the crushed pills into apple juice, then began to replace some of the juice with water until now we just used water. We also bribed her with a treat after each dose (dried Cranberries). So, if you are struggling to get your child to swallow the tiny herbal pills, try this method. You know your child and yourself best, so adding some sort of reward will be up to you.

My daughter’s constipation is cleared up, and our daughter doesn’t flinch at the need to take her herbs this way.

Do you have trouble swallowing pills? If so, how do you manage to take them? We’re always open to learning how others take herbs.

Best wishes in wellness,
Holli Margell
Hen Sen Lifestyle Editor

Juli’s Healty Living Corner: Beauty Rest!

Even natures needs rest by

Sleep is important, but how much? I believe children need 12-18 hours a day and adults need 7-9 hours a day. It takes many days to catch up on one night of not getting enough sleep. When the kids are sick or I decide to watch a movie too late at night, it takes days to get back into balance.

There is such a thing as getting your beauty sleep. We spend so much money on face cream, but at the end of the day, you could just sleep. Don’t get into bad sleep habits. Enough rest will help your organs do their job. This will reduce stress, makes you look younger and increases your longevity.

We must allow ourselves to be in the best health. Having enough sleep and a healthy poop (about a pound a day) each day is how your health can be at it’s best. Realize that we are what we eat. Most importantly, we must protect our body, as we only have one.

When you are sad, mad or tired do not turn to treats or alcohol, get more rest. Dismiss the unwanted, those late night movies, celebration bottles of liquor and remember that a little of everything is good balance. It’s okay to celebrate once in a while, but not when your body needs more care.

Enjoy the warmer season and wake up with a smile.


Liver Exercise: a gentle massage

Do you suspect your liver needs some extra help? Symptoms of a distressed liver are: Jaundice (eyes and skin turning yellow), irritability, anger, belching and bitter taste in the mouth to just name a few. If you want to give your liver some support, you can do this simple exercise much like a massage.

Here is how to do the Liver Exercise:

    1. Sit or lie down in a comfortable position with your abdomen facing up.
    2. Place the palm of the right hand on the right lateral side of the body so that it lies at the base of the rib cage, above the hip bone.
    3. Push the hand across the front of the abdomen following the line made by the lower rib bones of the chest.
    4. Run up toward the sternum and then down toward the left lateral side of the chest (following the rib cage again but going down the left side). Rubbing once from the right to the left constitutes one turn. Repeat the movement 36 times.
    5. The heel of the hand should exert pressure on the skin as you rub the hand across it. The liver lies just below the skin under the rib cage on the right side of the body. The pressure exerted by the hand rubbing across the abdomen stimulates the flow of energy as well as the circulation of blood to the liver.

Is this exercise going to cure your liver problems? Answer is NO, but it will definitely stimulate the liver. There is a lot more to taking care of the liver than just a simple exercise.

Maintaining proper diet, reducing stress and alcohol consumption are some of the things you can do for your liver. If you notice yourself being angry or very irritable, it’s time to give your liver a rest. You’ll feel happier when your liver is functioning well.

Another way to support you liver is with herbs. The DL herbal pill is for liver cleanse & support. DL is designed to will help maintain and protect the long term health of the liver. You an learn more about it from Hen Sen Herbs and order some by visitng our online shop!

Stay tuned, we will be writing more about the liver this month.

The Mother of your heart

Dear Readers,

When May comes do you think of flowers? Or your Mother? I think of May as the real start of Spring in Seattle, because the rains starts to let up a little. Blossoms and bulbs start to show all their color, it just fills the air with a lovely sight and smell.


My Mom is the reason why I have even thought to explore Traditional Chinese medicine.  She has always been open to learning how the body works and how to best care for it. I saw through her example that taking care of you means more than brushing your hair and teeth. She struggled with some health problems, and never stopped looking for a solution even when specialists in traditional American Medicine said she was going to suffer her health problems forever.

It is her spirit of perseverance and openness that has made me want to learn more about health and wellness. As I’ve consulted with Juli at Hen Sen Herbs, I’ve come to understand more about how the different organs in my body play a role in the functions that make me healthy. The Liver is known traditionally as the Mother of the Heart. It is truly an amazing organ.

This one organ filters and feeds your blood, releases enzymes to digest food, and regulates your hormones. Like a Mother, the liver multi-tasks and makes sure several other key functions are playing in harmony. According to Traditional Chinese herbal practice, the liver is said to be responsible for our mood whether angry or sad, and muscle tension associated with stress.

But, just like a real life Mother, the liver needs support. It needs you to get enough rest, and avoid situations causing extreme stress. Too much alcohol or junk food can be hard on the liver, causing it to become sluggish or overproduce certain enzymes, creating an imbalance. This will affect the rest of your organs too.
So, take care of your mother liver organ with deep breathes every day, drink plenty of water, eat well and get enough rest. Happy Mother’s {Liver} day!

Holli Margell