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Herb Profile: Da Huang

This herb is commonly known as Chinese Rhubarb. The literal meaning of the name is “Big Yellow.” As the name indicates, it has beautiful golden yellow color (see the color picture at Originating from China and Tibet, it has been used for thousands of years. It is used to treat the four main organs: heart, large intestine, liver, and stomach. With a long legacy for healing, it is not used as a single herb. It works for each organ depending on the combination with other herbs. It is not used as a main ingredient. If you wish to use it, do so with the help of an experienced Herbalist.

Here is how it works: Da Huang first works its way into our system through the stomach, then the large intestine and finally the liver. It serves to draw out excess heat built up in the intestinal area and is eliminated through the stool. Through this process, it drains excess heat and detoxifies Fire Poison from the blood. It also works to invigorate and clear blood stagnation.

As a result, it can help as a blood cleaner and builder.
There are many other uses for Da Huang, all associated with blood and a heat imbalance. It is used in herbal prescriptions to heal the following ailments: Amenorrhea, Anemia, Boils, Constipation, Diarrhea, Digestion, Dysentery, Dysmenorrhea, Gallbladder, Headaches, Hemorrhages (internal), Hepatitis, Jaundice, Liver Problems, Menstruation (promotes), Skin Eruptions (boils/pustules), Stomach, Ulcers (duodenal), and Worms (ring/pin/thread).

At Hen Sen Herbs, Da Huang is used in many of the products. For example, we use it in Taifu, Taifu Plus, No.9, and D12.

Make a date with your passion

Most of us try to make changes in January. Many of us write up “New Years Resolutions,” but by March, how many of us are reaching those goals? I like to make lists, breaking down tasks into baby steps to reach my goals. Sometimes those lists get in the way of making time for my passion. We all need to take a break from work.
Getting work done is vital and important, but so is making time for your passion. Why not give your passion some space in your life? Don’t think of this as another New Years Resolution you cannot commit to keeping. Think of it as feeding your soul. But, you may wonder what your passion is, or how to find it. Chances are, we all have a handful of passions to fill our life.

As Juli described last month, a passion is something that fills you up from the heart. It recharges you, and prevents burn-out. It took me three years to realize I needed to make more time for my passion of Photography. I read an article about an artist who challenged himself to do something creative for twenty minutes everyday. That was all it took for me to see that I could make time each day for myself to pursue my passion. I don’t have time every single day, but I do at least 3 days a week. Sometimes that means I snap photos of the kids playing on the floor, other times I’m uploading images off my memory card. Seeing the images always fills me with joy.

What makes you smile from the inside out? What makes your heart beat a little faster? What soothes your exhausted mind? Whatever it is, chances are it’s a passion waiting for attention! This could be something as easy as reading a favorite book for 15 minutes in the morning. Maybe being in nature is your passion. Why not make a date with yourself for Sunday afternoons, and take a short hike? Or, if you have only a few minutes during the week, why not give yourself 10 minutes to walk in a local park?

You could also give yourself time to plan something big and adventurous. Sometimes having a big dose of your passion can keep your heart fueled for weeks.
The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. Give yourself some time, even if you have to schedule it on the Calendar.

Best Wishes,
Holli Margell

Hen Sen Lifestyle Newsletter: What’s Juli up to?

Hen Sen Herbs strives to help people get well and stay well. This blog is one way to share information that Patients may find helpful. Did you know that we also started a printed Newsletter?

The Newsletter if full of useful, interesting and fun information. If you would like to print it today, you can visit – or call the office at (206) 328-2828 and ask to be put on our mailing list.

A Little Extra: In the Newsletter, Traditional Herbalist, Juli, shares a bit about her life and how she juggles it all – being a working mother. We’re sharing it here today…

The month of February flew by with lightning speed. It has been very busy both at work and at home. Two of my children, Michelle and Alexander, have been taking swimming lessons on Mondays and Wednesdays after school. Alexander also started taking drum lessons on Thursdays. Nicole, my 2-year-old daughter, wants to follow and do everything her older sister and brother do. I take them to lessons, prepare dinner and get them ready for bed all by myself on the evenings my husband works late.

Though I am very proud to see their willingness to learn and the progress they’ve made, I found myself struggling to remain calm during the course of the week. I get stressed out just like any other parents on this planet trying to manage time between home and work.

Luckily for me, my family members all live very close to me. They are part of my support team. They help me take care of my kids whenever I am alone with them so that I can take a break.

So, let me introduce my helpers: My nieces Sienna (8) and Serina (12) always keeps my kids busy for me. My mom (right) watches them on most Saturdays. My sister, Betty (who took this picture), takes them out all the time for me when I am busy at work on the weekend. I am really grateful for my family. Thank you!


Juli’s Corner: Talk about poop!

Lets talk about poop! What goes in must come out. We are what we eat – doo you know? The average weight of stool excreted a day is 450 grams (about a pound). Just imagine it stuck for a day or two or just expelling 1/2 a pound. I think all that weight stuck can create lots of health issues.

Here is a thought, lets not be afraid of pooping, peeing and sweating. Inspire yourself to eat well, exercise and to catch up with some great books or my newsletter as you spend time on the toilet. Feel energized as if you just woke up from a great nap. Create a clean and balanced internal system to discharge those toxins regularly on the toilet.

Remember that even a new car needs an oil change. When was the last time you had an oil change?  To run smoothly, you need to clean out the system regularly too. Pooping regularly is as essential as changing your car’s oil.

If your body won’t poop regularly, then it maybe time to re-look at your diet and exercise. They are both key to the internal system. Just like the car, the kind of fuel you feed your body makes a difference. And, a car needs to move to keep all the parts from rusting, just like all of us.

Thanks to my patient who gave me a book of poo, and provided inspiration to share the importance of Poop with you.


Love, Juli