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Get Ready for a Strong New Year

Dear Readers,

How do you ring in the New Year? Do you make a list of resolutions to start the year? American culture tends to focus on them. People who make a list of things they want to accomplish in their New Years Resolutions often lose steam part way through the year.

I recently heard of a method for avoiding this. Instead of just writing a list of things to accomplish, first take some time to reflect on the previous year and find things that worked well. And, ponder the things that did not. Perhaps looking at what did work and what did not will help you understand yourself. Making resolutions you cannot keep will only provide disappointment. Instead, try to make resolutions with a clearer perspective that will help you succeed. For example, maybe you need a partner to help you consistently exercise? Or maybe you need to set aside a vacation as an incentive to pay off debt? Understanding your strengths and weaknesses can help you.

Let’s take a look at the Chinese New Year celebration. It is a time to clean out the old, let go of grudges, become ready to welcome the new, a start fresh. In China, the New Year is based on a Lunar Calendar, meaning the specific date varies, this year it is on January 23rd. The Chinese tradition marks each year with an animal symbol. For 2012, it is the year of The Dragon – the most powerful of all the symbols.

One of the more famous celebrities born in the Dragon Year is Bruce Lee. He is famous for his Martial Arts mastery, and was one of the first to perform in American Films. What many don’t know is that he was also a writer, who wrote essays about philosophy and how it applied to Martial Arts. He believed in using strengths, working to follow a competitor, to react like an echo instead of attacking. This is a powerful idea, especially when writing New Year Resolutions. Perhaps, we can look at life as something to not control ourselves, but to experience and react in a way that doesn’t break us.

And, perhaps we can learn from the Chinese New Year Celebration and let go of what happened last year, make room for the new, a fresh start.

May your New Year be full of happiness,

Holli Margell, Editor

Product Feature: E-15

E-15: Toxin Eliminator

Last month’s featured product Taifu Plus is a great pill in terms of elimination of bowel and toxins from the body. But for those who take strong medications or have a severely imbalanced system, it is not strong enough by itself. That’s when E15 is prescribed along with Taifu Plus, because of its ability to effectively rid the toxins in the body. Thick white or yellow coating often shows up on the tongue as an indication of excess toxins in the body.

To learn more or purchase, visit or call (206) 328-2828

Note From Juli: Healthy Living in December

This is what I always tell my patients: In order to maintain balanced emotions, you should always go to  sleep at the same time, and wake up 30 to 45 minutes earlier than anyone else in your household. This extra minutes in the morning is reserved for your mind and emotions. No TV, computer, phone and all the other distractions are allowed. Give yourself a moment of silence and peace. Have a cup of tea and remind yourself of all that you are thankful for or simply empty your mind.

December is a month when I let go of the old and bring in the new. I tend to keep everything from kids’ toys to tax documents from 15 years ago….basically anything that won’t mold or rot. So pretty soon the house is full of stuff. This drives my husband crazy. He always says, “If you haven’t used it for six month, get rid of it!” I had to admit clutter leads to stress, and causes your mind to be disorganized. Therefore, you will never attain peace and clarity of your mind. So, take your time to throw away or donate things you don’t need anymore before the end of the year. New things will come your way when the old things are gone.

Sincerely, Juli

Kidney Exercise: how to reduce lower back pain

Lower back pain is often caused by a weakness in the Kidneys. By stimulating the adrenal glands and the Kidneys through this exercise, you will be strengthening, energizing and healing these vital organs, thus alleviating lower back pains.

Here is how:

1. Rub hands vigorously to generate heat and energy.
2. Bend your upper body slightly forward.
3. Place your hands on the lower back.
4. Feel and imagine the energy and the heat being transferred from your hand through the small of your back to the Kidneys.
5. Rub the area up and down and then in a circular motion.
6. Pummel the area gently for a few seconds.
7. Repeat the rubbing and pummeling action three times.
8. Do it often throughout the day.


Unexpected Gifts

Stocking up for Christmas! Photo by

With the Holiday Season upon us, there are many things to look forward to enjoying. Do you gather with family or friends? Or travel to an exotic location and take a vacation? Whatever you do to celebrate isn’t it amazing how many smells, sights, foods and traditions we have to savor?

Maybe you are an intrepid gift-giver forging through the crowds to buy the right gifts for those special people in your life. Or perhaps you make gifts at home with your special talents. Either way, the Holidays usually involve gifts. Do you have a favorite memory of a gift you gave or received? I have a few, but the most unexpected one came last year.

This November I counted my blessings. It marks the month when our income started to crumble. A single-income family, my husband is the breadwinner. The Company he worked for promised to make good on what the employees had earned in November as soon as they could, providing only partial paychecks. A hard and loyal worker, my husband kept putting in late nights working for the company, which added stress in our home.

December was an even more stressful month.  Employees were given more promises instead of paychecks. We hoped that his hard work would pay off, but we kept waiting. I delayed Christmas shopping as long as I could. We ended up making almost all of our gifts. On December 31st, the company called a meeting. Hopeful that everyone would get what they had earned, my husband went to work only to learn that the company was going into Bankruptcy. Everyone went home without pay.

Despite this depressing turn of events, we are grateful for the chance to learn about ourselves. We know that Christmas doesn’t require a lot of toys or gifts. We were reminded of what we really need, and what we can live without. We know that as a family we can endure financial hardship and be okay. Thankfully, my husband found work within a few months. This year, we are reminded of the “gifts” the hardship gave us – learning about ourselves, and what matters to us.

I do not wish hard times on anyone. But, I can honestly say that I found some unexpected gifts during our hard time one year ago. If you are in the middle of a similar hardship, you are not alone.  Try to not let the stress or worry of gift giving overshadow the joy of the season. Look for the joys in hugging a relative you haven’t seen for a while or sharing a special meal. If you are not hit by the Economic downturn, perhaps you can share some cheer and donate to the local food bank or give some groceries to a needy family. We wish everyone all the joy of the season no matter where you are.

Best Wishes,

Holli Margell, Hen Sen Newsletter Editor

What is it like to consult a Traditional Chinese Herbalist?

Herbalist Juli looking at a Patient's tongue and capturing a photo.

If you’ve explored Natural Medicine, you might be surprised with what a consultation of a Traditional Chinese Herbalist looks like. Instead of listening to your health history, doing tests, then prescribing a bunch of herbs and supplements, a Chinese Herbalist will listen a bit longer, ask about your life and stress level, look at your tongue, and ask you about your bowels. No tests required.

The tongue is a window into your digestive system. The digestive track is a key to balance. If you’re not experiencing consistent healthy bowel movements every day, you’re likely out of balance and experiencing a variety of health ailments.

Once the Herbalist has taken a look at your tongue, and talked about your health history, you will be advised to achieve balance and restoration through dietary changes, stress reduction and taking herbs. The herbs aren’t the cure, as Hen Sen Herbalist Juli often says, but help the body do it’s job of keeping you healthy.

What do the herbs look like?

Pills – Hen Sen Herbs creates tiny Herbal Pills to take easily for specific herbal formulas.

Prescription Packet – For specific health issues, the Herbalist will prescribe specific Prescription of Herbs to be taken as a Tea. You’ll brew it at home and drink it as directed. It will look like a strange assortment of dried herbs and roots that you’re likely to have never seen before.

Stress Reduction?

We all hear that stress is bad for you from many media streams. Traditional Chinese Herbalists have known this for years. Hen Sen Herbs encourages patients to exercise regularly in a way that fits their life style. Also, relaxation and rest are encouraged. Sometimes, patients just need to be reminded of this, and Juli will do just that during a consultation and follow up visits.

Other treatments

A Traditional Chinese Herbalist is trained to do special treatments using heat as well as acupressure therapy. Hen Sen Herbalist, Juli, is trained to do Moxibustion heat treatments and Acupressure.

You can consult Juli with Hen Sen Herbs in person or by phone, contact information here.