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Remember this November: A Note from Juli

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You are beautiful, everyday love yourself a little more. The body needs care and positive input. My rule: negativeness isn’t allowed.

Quote from my father: Life is like a roller coaster, don’t stay down too long, there isn’t anything to look at. Keep your head up and breathe. Much better view up high. So at the end of the day, its all about you, love yourself a little more.

Stress is the one thing that can’t be rated. Is it physical or emotional? Can it cause health issues or illnesses? Yes, we get insomnia, Hypertension, PMS, muscle aches to name a few. I believe it gives us more wrinkles. I was told by a former patient that it takes more muscle to frown then to smile. Challenge for you:  find out how many muscles it takes to frown and to smile. Smiles are a natural cure of wrinkles!

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