Crush Your Candy Cravings Part 2

Continued from Part 1 here.

In last month’s article, I spoke about how sugar affects our digestive system and how it plays a huge part on addiction and cravings. This month we dive deeper into what sugar can do to the liver and what Juli’s new pills can do. Interestingly enough sugar isn’t the only culprit that can cause digestive problems. Along with unhealthy comfort food, stress and transitioning periods such as the seasons’ weather, or for women, that special time of the month, can cause a chain of effects where the liver becomes compromised and discomfort arises in the intestines creating these bloating and digestive issues.

The human body is so intricately connected; one disharmony can affect the whole body. The liver is the organ of emotions in Traditional Chinese Medicine. The liver’s main job is to filter the blood coming from the digestive tract, before passing it to the rest of the body. The liver also detoxifies chemicals and metabolizes drugs and sugar. As it does so, the liver secretes bile that ends up back in the intestines. The gallbladder sits under the liver, along with parts of the pancreas and intestines. The liver and these organs work together to digest, absorb, and process food.

The liver is responsible for the free and smooth flow of Qi (life force), which has a deep relationship with a person’s emotional state. Anger and other related emotions such as resentment, unfulfilled desires, frustration, etc. are attributed to the liver. Conversely, anger, repressed emotions, etc. affect the llver organ itself, and disrupt the smooth flow of Qi in the body which is how stress comes into play.

When the blood in the liver does not freely flow, stagnation of blood occurs, and affects the emotional state as described before. Over a long period of time, stagnation impairs circulation of the blood. When stagnation occurs tightness in specific areas of the body such as the chest, breasts in women, hypochondriac region, epigastric region, or throat will be more prominant. Along with the tightness other symptoms like frequent sighing, pain and swelling of the breasts, tension in the stomach, the sensation of a lump in the throat may also occur.

The main problem with sugar, and processed fructose in particular, is the fact that your liver has a very limited capacity to metabolize it, less than 9 grams of sugar is the livers full capacity.
When sugar is metabolized in the liver, it breaks down into fructose and one of the end products is triglyceridea a form of fat.

Triglycerides can build up in liver cells and damage liver function. Triglycerides released into the bloodstream can contribute to the growth of fat-filled plaque inside artery walls. This is one of the main causes of obesity.
Now this clotting travels into the intestines and causes a blockage. This can cause symptoms of constipation, bloati

ng, gas, and all sorts of unwanted things. Juli’s new formulation of pills is made to target these specifically and much more.

With these new pills, currently called the #1 and #2, each has its one special power.

#1: These pills are designed to aid in the fluctuation of water weight for women experiencing their menstrual cycle. It aids in the bloating, and helps you pull through your cravings by stopping that negative feed back response to your brain making you want more sugar. It also helps clean your liver and helps promote a better menstrual cycle. The #1 is made for someone who has more of a

#2: Unlike the #1 the #2 pills are made for more serious conditions. These pills can be for anyone, including men, that has had a consistant weight problem and the #2 pills are much more stronger than the #1. The weight gain could be due to intestinal blockage, too much stagnent blood in the liver, consuming too much sugar and salt, and not being able to properly clean out the body. Like the #1 these pills will help to detoxify and clean out the liver while also stopping the addicting cravings from sugar and alcohol, while decreasing the bloating.

When we get that nagging sweet tooth, it is easier said than done to avoid these addicting sweets (I would know). Sometimes we just need a little support to get things up and going again, and to remind ourselves of the consequences sugar can cause for our bodies.

Sweets in moderation! Treating yourself is healthy too but not when your body is constantly having to metabolize sugar. If you do plan on having a sweet, make sure it is during a time where you can burn it off like during the day. Natural sugars (found in fruit) is a better alternative anyway. Make your liver happier and ask juli about our new pills!

Wishing you wellness

Surviving The Summer Heat To Keep Your Skin Young

Older generations pass on to us the wisdom they have learned throughout the years of their life. Since summer has started, I wanted to share some advice my grandma shared with me when I was young. How to keep youth and beauty:

Avoid The Sun

A suntan does not prevent skin damage— it is skin damage.

One of the most important tips that many Chinese women follow is avoiding the sun. This helps keep our skin from developing wrinkles and staying pale. Carrying around umbrellas, hats and wearing very thin jackets to make sure we aren’t exposed to the sun’s rays as much as possible. It’s well known that the sun’s rays (UVA and UVB) damage the skin and can cause wrinkles.

Keep It Natural With Herbal Medicines & Teas

Herbal medicine is a huge part of our lifestyle to stay healthy and increase immunity; likewise, tea is also a major aspect of our routines. In Hong Kong there are Herbal Medicine Tea shops, the teas are prepared in fountain dispensaries but since living in the states grandma would prepare the teas. Prunella Herbal tea has been well known as the heal all tea, it clears the liver heat, clears the acne. Even when summer is hot, teas are also served including the beneficial green tea which has antioxidant properties and stimulates one’s metabolism.

Eat More Fruits & Vegetables (& Less Meat)

Diet consisting of mostly fresh fruits and vegetables is a huge part of a Chinese woman’s life. The preparation of fresh vegetables are cooked with little to no oil or fats, and fruits that are in season as desserts. Grandma preferred to serve minimal amounts of spicy foods, as she says that the heat can cause pimples, and sugary foods to avoid gaining weight. Heat foods are chips and dried crackers, roasted nuts and seeds, once you start eating them, it is hard to stop.
The choice to eat less meat is more complex than simply keeping a figure. Meat is expensive in China, so many view it as a luxury than an everyday food.

Exercise Is Gentle, But Important

This may be an obvious healthy beauty tip, but for Chinese women, it is very important to keep active. Walking after meals to help digestion and stay fit or get massages.

Enjoy Spas and Massages

Everyone seems to get massages in China. People go together with friends, or even alone. Getting massages is not seen as a luxury, but as a way to stay healthy and young. Chinese believe that routine massages will ensure proper blood flow and keep them sturdy and fit. Every week I have a deep tissue massage and cupping session, it helps me flush out toxins from my body, so that my skin is clean and hydrated. Enjoying a massage, spa, or having your spouse (exchange program) can also lower one’s stress level, which can be a reason people may have bad health or troubled skin.

Start Young

Many of the techniques my grandma taught me to avoid the sun was also being taught to my children. Chinese begin to protect their children while they are young. This ensures that they will grow with healthy, undamaged skin instead of trying to fix it when they are older. It never hurts to think about how a child might benefit from these teachings.

Although my grandma is no longer with me, I still treasure all the great memories with all the care and love she has given me. The love is so deep that it makes me strong, and the need to pass on all that she has taught me to you.

Love, Juli

Crush Your Candy Cravings Part 1

Hi my name is Shaila, and I have a serious addiction….for sugar. It is a hard struggle to face but every time I walk past the bakery isle in the store I can’t help but hear little voices say , “Eat me Shaila, you know you want to”. In some distressing cases, I day dream about my next pastry fix. I dream about a delicious, delectable, creamy, tiramisu cake. Mmmm how tasty. Here’s when I knew I needed help. I have found myself sitting on the couch watching a movie with a tub of Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked cookie dough ice cream one minute, and the next, I have no idea where all that ice cream went! And who doesn’t enjoy a deep fried Twinkie every once in a while?…okay thats too far.

Now working with an herbalist who is a serious health nut with having this addiction is like putting hot fudge and ice cream together! It can only lead to sweet success. The craving for sweets can mean so many things, and can indicate a red flag when it comes to your health especially for women. To give one example, a craving for chocolate can indicate a magnesium deficiency.

In America, it is almost impossible to find a product that does not contain sugar or low amounts of sugar for that matter, and if you do find an item that doesn’t contain sugar, you’re probably holding a vegetable. With this over consumption of sugar its hard for many to quit. Think about it this way, sugar doesn’t just empty and quickly digest into calories but it actually pulls minerals from the body during digestion. It creates a hormone cascade when consumed, that starts a positive feedback loop which means it creates an addictive sugar response in the brain and in the body to encourage more consumption otherwise known as cravings or eating too much comfort food.

In a time when food was scarce and needed to be contained in large amounts during summer, to stock up to survive the winter, this was a good thing. In today’s world of constant access to processed foods, this natural biological purpose highlights one of the negative effects of sugar. Plus, for many that live a sedentary life style, you aren’t moving around enough to burn the energy sugar gives you. The human body can’t tolerate this large amount of refined carbohydrates, thus causing diseases like obesity.

Refined sugar, by some, is called a drug, because in the refining process everything of food value has been removed except the carbohydrates-pure calories, without vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats, enzymes or any of the other elements that make up food.

Many nutrition experts say that white sugar is extremely harmful, possibly as harmful as a drug, especially in the quantities consumed by the present-day American.

Now what if I told you there was a way to crush cravings in its tracks? What if there was something that could make you feel like a winner instead of feeling like you ate most of your weight in sugar…? which is what I feel like all the time.

Recently, Juli has been brewing up a new formulated pill that does wonders for a bloated stomach, and gives an extra boost of confidence for those who are stuck in this vicious cycle and are seeking a new start to a healthier way of life.

As a test subject, things are looking pretty positive for these pills, and the results are astounding! Tune in next month for “Crush Your Candy Cravings Part 2” for more results on these new exciting pills, and for more sweet and savory sugar facts! Until then, keep it fresh!

Best of Luck, Shaila

Part 2 is here!

What Childhood Games Can Teach Us About Life

My son joined Chess Club at school this year, and really enjoyed it. This was surprising because as a young 4-year-old who wanted to play board games, he would throw a fit every time he lost. To see him growing up to a 10-year-old who loves to play a complex game where there can only be one winner shows how much you can mature in a short amount of time.

Now that it’s summer break, we’re enjoying playing more board games. He was teaching me to play a new game, and I had a “light-bulb” moment. While I lost the game, I asked that we play again. He was surprised, and said okay, so we played again and again I lost. I told him I really wanted to play another round to figure out how to win. He thought I’d want to play something new to see if I could win at something else. That made sense, especially when we think about life and how easy it is to be discouraged and give up when you first don’t succeed at something new.

We played the game three times until I won, and I explained to my son that life is like the games we play. We can get easily upset when we lose, or try over and over again until we win. Or, like he suggested, you can switch to something else. This reminds me of how we have different attitudes in health. We often go through the same cycle as learning a new game: trying something and winning (it works), then doing it over and over again and once we lose, giving up (health changes over time, so if we start to break down, we often give up and accept living with a problem).

Unfortunately, life isn’t as simple as a game with clear rules, players and outcomes. It is far more complicated, especially when it comes to our health. There are different methods of healing, different styles of living and different foods to eat. But, I often find myself thinking with the same persistence: not giving up, and asking for advice from those who have figured things out. That is how I found Hen Sen Herbs.

It is truly a beautiful thing to live in a country with so many health care options. Mind you, they’re not all supported by the health care insurance system, but I am so grateful that we have Traditional Chinese Herbalist, Acupuncture, Massage as well as the American Medical Association practitioners. If life were a game, I’d say we’re fortunate to live in a country with the freedom to choose how to best live our lives.

No Reset Button For Carpal Tunnel

Since it’s creation in the early 60’s, video games have been seen as a common hobby for both kids and adults alike. Often branded as a hobby for “nerds” or nonathletic individuals, video games have grown into something more than a standard at home activity.

Competitive gaming (Esports) once seen as an underground community, has grown to a now multi million dollar industry and even has articles in ESPN branding video games as a now, legitimate sport. Sponsors such as Redbull, Gatorade, and even the phone company HTC now offer contracts to competitive gamers making this once childhood fantasy, a reality. As a competitive gamer myself I’m happy that Esports has grown to such heights. Even I know however, these companies won’t just sponsor anyone.

I follow and play a game know as Super Smash Brothers Melee. Since it’s existence in 2001, this game’s competitive community is now bigger than ever. With it’s fast paced movement and style, people always ask the question. “How can a player move that quickly?” When tested, top professionals such as Adam “Armada” Lindgren and Aziz “Hax$” Al-Yami can average up to 900 inputs per minute. What may look like common “button mashing” to the average viewer are actually precisely timed inputs to make the players character move so quickly and efficiently. Inputs are the amount of times a player taps a button to cause an action in the game. With each match lasting around three to four minutes and played in sets of 3 and 5, one can imagine the toll it can take on ones hands by moving so quickly. I mentioned earlier how the game has been played for over 15 years with new and old players still going strong. As for the older players however, the toll of using such quick reflexes for years, is finally catching up to them.

Hax$ first got onto the world’s radar in 2008 by placing 9th at his first major tournament. At just 14 years old, he proved to be a rising star placing within the top 8 at almost every tournament (Participants ranging from 300-1,000+). In January 2015 seven years after making his debut he was forced to take his first hiatus from the game due to a nagging hand injury. An injury that would later develop into Carpal Tunnel syndrome.

Carpal tunnel syndrome causes numbness, tingling, and other problems in your hands due to pressure within the nerves of your wrists. The name strives from the area that your tendons run through and connect to your wrists. There are many causes for it as it has links to arthritis, diabetes, and even pregnancy. Unfortunately for Hax$ he developed carpal tunnel due to the excessive and repetitive inputs from his fingers causing his carpal tunnel to swell up and make the tunnel tighter. Seeing it as just a nagging hand pain, Hax$ took a hiatus from the game to ice and rest his hands. Three months later he returned to the scene for no more than a handful of tournaments before he found the pain coming back. Concerned about the constant pain, Hax was then diagnosed with Carpal tunnel syndrome and spent over half a year icing his wrists, not touching the game at all, and even wearing a splint to help heal his tendons before they got worse and his nerves would develop long term damage. Finally after months of treatment Hax$ returned in April and got 3rd at his first National since his diagnosis proving he could still hang with the best. This also however may mark the end of the road for Hax$ as he announced that his hands were in so much pain during the tournament he has no choice but to get surgery. It was a success but we all question when and if he may return to full time competition again.

Hax$ isn’t the only one concerned with retirement from their profession. Players all around the Esports community have expressed concern about their own hand pains and there are even talks of having on sight doctors at tournaments. Much like the NFL’s concerns with concussion/brain damage from excessive head trauma, Esports competitors although just playing a game, are at more health risk than one might think. I fear the day I develop such injuries, but when and if I do, I’ll remember the story of Aziz “Hax$” Al-Yami and the precautions I shall take.

It’s always good whether you’re a gamer or not, to ice, stretch, and flex your tendons throughout the day. A simple exercise you can do to strengthen your hand is to wrap a rubber band around your finger tips and stretch each finger 5-10 times. Take breaks often, and take time to flex and extend your wrists. Make sure your hands stay in a neutral position when typing on a computer, also keep your hands fresh and loose and this will definitely be better for you in the long run. So remember, video games are fun for everyone, just remember to give your hands a break, they deserve it more than you know.


The Rules of Life To Live Well

Now and then you will casually Google yourself, or worse, self diagnose yourself with an illness. Stop. It will drive you crazy and it’s creepy to stalk yourself. Self diagnosis can lead to misdiagnosis, under diagnosis, or over diagnosis. The temptation for people to reach their own conclusions about their illness is strong.

Have you ever lost sleep over self diagnosis? You might think you’re saving your life by searching the web for answers—but you could be wrecking it. Stress is a silent killer and fear is even stronger.

My father was such an amazing healer, he had a new patient that came in with a medical condition with a name was so long, he looked at me and then the patient. My father went to the patient and used the Kwan Loong Oil and started to massage the neck and shoulders. Not long after the patient started to cry and showed my father with her hands that the illness was this new diagnosis of migraine. The cry was the relief of pain the touch was a feeling of healing. I don’t care about the illness and all I want is to heal. One day of pain I can handle, two day of pain I need to think about, three day of pain I don’t want it. Painkillers only mask the pain as the cause gets worse and in return the pain killer is creating even more damage to the liver.

The rule of life: Sleep well, eat well and poop and pee well. So if you don’t eat well, you won’t sleep well or poop and pee well. If you don’t poop and pee well, then you don’t sleep or eat well. This is the life cycle of good health, with the exception of trauma, drama and seasonal changes.

In the world that we live in today, we not only Google ourselves and assume that our body is lacking a nutrient. As my patients come in, their list of supplement are so long, they wonder why they are so bloated, constipated and so sick. We have been given a bad teaching: The more I take of supplements the healthier I am. The fact is your body has to be able to process the supplement, as it can be more harm then good. Excessive is not necessary suitable for every body. Start by eating well and cleanse the garbage out. Too much is poison.

I try my best not to offend or pretend to know everything. I can only advise and do my best in what I know. I like the way I am, I don’t care what the patients think or I can’t do what I do. I am here to re-educate the patients to bring life and health back to balance. Knowledge is a gift and it can be a curse.

With Love,

Intuition: Where Did It Go?

We live in an age where technology such as the internet, television, and phone apps can provide so much information. News, commercials, medical enhancements, celebrities, etc, the list goes on and on. But with all this information, how can we tell if something is true or not?

This is highly prominent in the medical industry, where someone says, “This thing is good for you! Go on this special thing diet today and lose 100 pounds”. This statement sounds silly and unrealistic but it is a true formula that many people fall for. This doctor (or if you’re watching a commercial, a guy in a white lab coat and a stethoscope around his neck) says this is good for you so I should trust him right? Well, did you ever stop to think “what the side effects may be if I start taking this” (or listen to the side effects toward the end of the commercial…real scary stuff).

Medication is prescribed left and right for everything from a runny nose to cancer. The issue here is where did that little voice in our heads go? You know the one that says, “Maybe I should dig deeper into this and see if this is the best option” or “Maybe this isn’t a good idea”. This is called intuition.

I want to share a rather personal story of mine that has had such a huge impact on my life today, and if I could, I would have changed it completely. About 5 years ago (I was 16 years old), I was put on birth control for a multitude of reasons, the doctor I was seeing told me that it was completely safe and I would have no complications of any kind. They even told me I could take birth control limitlessly, meaning I could take it until the day I died. Naively falling for their advice, I took birth control for 5 years straight. I’d have really horrible UTI’s (urinary tract infections), yeast infections, anemia, and eventually my menstrual cycle was thrown way out of balance. I would get two periods a month…women can you imagine that?

Working with Juli, she noticed that I would get lethargic and sometimes even nauseous. She examined my body and it turned out that my liver is completely inflamed and also a serious case of anemia due to the fact I was losing too much blood with my periods every month, and so many potential chronic health problems. I have been off birth control for more than two months, and have already noticed a significant change in myself. I am still recovering nonetheless, but I can’t even imagine what my body would have gone through if I had taken it for the rest of my life.

The moral of my story is that although medication can potentially be good for one thing, it can cause a chain of reactions for others. And sometimes it can put you in a worse state than before. After going through my experience I am always going to dig deeper into what I put into my body and listen to my intuition. Intuition has become more silent as the production of pills grow faster. People are so anxious to find a quick solution for everything instead of taking a second to listen to the body.

In my case, I did some research on the Pros and Cons of Birth Control and from what I found, it wasn’t surprising. There have been cases that link Birth Control to liver damage, uterine cancer, and potential breast cancer. One piece of information that struck me was that women aren’t even allowed to take Birth Control for more than 6 years! But at the same time Birth Control can help prevent women from unwanted pregnancies. All medication has its pros and cons, but for me I wish I would have taken the time to think of all possibilities before jumping into something I had no knowledge about. And now I am paying the consequences.

Most doctors are trained to look at someone’s concerns, prescribe medication, and kick them out the door, so they can bring in the next patient. In one instance I had a doctor look at me, prescribed me medication, the whole 2 hours of sitting in the waiting room, led up to a 15 minute examination and that was it. She didn’t even take time to dig deeper as to what my concern was or the probable cause of it. It made me so upset that I felt like there was no solution to the concerns I was feeling. My intuition was telling me that there was more to the problem. But I felt helpless and lost because there was no one who could give me the straight answers that I was looking for.

Intuition is something that you have a gut feeling about. When people feel sick it is hard to sift through all the possible causes and root problems because all you are focused on is trying to get better. That is when you need to look into yourself the most and seek the best possible solution for you. Natural medicine is one of those practices that allows you to explore those root problems not just to cure your symptoms but to change your life style to help you feel better altogether. Natural medicine may not provide a quick solution but it is far better to relieve as many problems as you can than to take a pill and cure one symptom.

All in all it is important to listen to what your body is telling you, it’s your intuition. When you feel a small body ache don’t run to grab an aspirin, try stretching. If your stomach is constantly upset, change your diet or eat in smaller portions. About 80% of diseases can be prevented by making better choices, 20% is out of our control. Look at all possible solutions and concerns before making a drastic decision in life. It will save you in the long run.

~Humbly, Shaila

When You Should Talk To Your Ten-Year-Old Self

When you were ten years old, you probably never thought of heart-burn or high cholesterol. Now that you’re an adult, topics like this come up in the office or among friends. Everyone has an opinion or story about what kind of medical help or medicine you should try. Even the television and Internet have overwhelming advice and suggestions.

Now, many of us see a doctor or health are practitioner before seeking someone in the natural health field, and get treated like a ten-year-old. This can happen with natural medicine, but often the big difference is that a traditional American medical doctor doesn’t spend more than 15 minutes with a patient and will prescribe a pill to treat a symptom that isn’t life threatening. A natural medicine practitioner like a Traditional Chinese Herbalist, spends time to really get to the root of your health problems.

When I hear stories from my friends and family about how they were ignored or suffered with only a prescription to treat their health issues, I think about how when we were ten years old, we were told to stand up to bullies. We were told to listen and respect authority but also to speak the truth and to start taking ownership over caring for ourselves. We were told to keep trying. We were told to never stop learning.

Now, I know every culture is different, but in America we have a problem with bullies. It starts in elementary school and follows us into adulthood. We need to start listening to what we tell our children about standing up for yourself and treating others with respect. We are never too old to practice what we may have told our ten-year-old-selves.

And, remember to be kind to yourself. When your health is struggling, and you’re looking for answers, don’t be too hard on yourself. I know some folks who feel bad that they didn’t find help sooner, but the truth is that we don’t know what we don’t know. The key is to never give up. Just like the 10-year-old at a soccer match, never give up on yourself. It might feel silly to see yourself like a kid, but it can be helpful and encouraging. Remember: Be Kind. Keep trying.

Surviving Mosquito Season

Seattle has definitely hit the record high for rainfall, the endless soggy weather for winter 2015-2016.

Spring is now upon us, trees are blooming, the grass is growing and so are those runny noses, swollen red eyes from allergies.

Allergies are miserable and frustrating. Pollen, aches and pain have arrived again and the scariest of all is the warm weather, which puts small creatures like the mosquito is back in action. Mosquitoes that hibernate need warm weather to become active, while mosquitoes that spend the winter as eggs need rainfall to flood the eggs and make them hatch.

Since Mosquitos loves me and my kids, those tiny bites are brutal. They itch like crazy, then turns into a big red inflamed patch. Takes days to clear up. Finally bouncing around the chair itching the bite I use Ultra Potent Ping On Ointment – an effective mosquito repellent and stops itching. Before you get out there, apply the Ping On Ointment so you won’t itch, it’s that season. I have noticed a lot of media about different virus that is from mosquito like dengue fever and Zika Virus.

Dengue fever is an acute infectious disease caused by a virus and transmitted by the yellow fever mosquito. It usually occurs in tropical or subtropical climates. Varies the Zika Virus spreads through mosquito bites.

Using traditional Chinese diagnostics and herb therapy, the results are better than using modern drug therapy (no specific therapy).

Let’s prevent all the itching and the virus transmission (that is why I recommend Ping On Ointment).

In Wellness,

The Way To Find More Time

Have you ever asked
for more time? Wishing that
the day was longer, and thinking
if I just had more time
than I will finish all the days
work? My father says that
work is always longer than
life. Even if you were not here,
work continues, it never finishes.

Back in the 1980’s as I was studying with my
father, I wasn’t allowed to watch TV, listen to radio or
newspaper or talk on the phone as I was working, it was
a distraction. It helped me a lot to enjoy quiet time and
to focus on my studies. Take a weekend and disconnect
yourself by enjoying quiet time by reading a book or
taking an afternoon nap. All those worries and stress
will fall off your shoulders. I was only 12-years-old
when I developed that good habit. You can build this
good habit any chapter of your life as well.
I really believe that we have to reconnect to
ourselves and overcome a lot of our stress rather than
driving on adrenalin. Stress is a silent killer, it is very
dangerous. Stress has no boundaries and we shouldn’t
feed on it, it’s poison. That is one thing my Taifu Plus
Pills can’t cleanse out, the stress related build up in the
gut. Over these couple of weeks, I had to take the Heart
Tonic due to emotional stress. I do have to say it helped
a lot. I am workable but when it comes to emotional
stress that is something else. You should have it on hand,
I am glad I did.

My father was my idol. He gave me a strong
foundation with great life practices. You must have a
dream, willing to work hard and if you fall, pick yourself
up. There are many challenges but that only makes you
stronger and better.

I love my practice and it is the art of healing.
My patients are strong, beautiful, healthy and full of
life. It’s great to stand with a group of people to inspire
and learn more than to stand alone. Knowledge helps
us make great choices and teaches us to learn from our

I have no good words on stress, only great wisdom
that was given to me. Herbs are there to heal, my
patients are the strong ones, they will drink the bitter
herbs to get well

Love Juli